World Bamboo Conference September 18-22, 2021 (note new dates) Taiwan

World Bamboo Conference September 18-22, 2021 (note new dates) Taiwan

18 Sep 2021 – 22 Sep 2021

Taoyuan (Taipei), Taiwan at the National Central University

Because of COVID-19 concerns the 12th World Bamboo Congress has been postponed to 18-22 September, 2021; for further information go to

The 12th World Bamboo Congress will be held in Taoyuan (Taipei), Taiwan, at the National Central University.

There will be keynotes and sessions focusing on many aspects of bamboo, such as Ecology & Cultivation, Architecture Design & Products, Economy & Society, and Education & our Future. Many hands-on activities are also planned, such as workshops, demonstrations, music, as well as an International Bamboo Fair, Bamboo Technology Expo, and Bamboo Craft Exhibition. This will be a MEGA BAMBOO EVENT, attended by hundreds of people from around the world. You will not want to miss the field-trips to the Bamboo Cultural Park, the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, CMP Village, the Art of Wang Wen-Chih, Ecological Explorations and traditional markets.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) is situated in the West Pacific between Japan and the Philippines. The total area of Taiwan proper and its outlying islands is around 36,197 square kilometers. At about the size of the Netherlands, but with a population of some 23 million.
Taiwan is sophisticated, progressive, ecologically-minded, very clean and very safe to travel within. It has ages-old bamboo traditions, high-style design and very cutting edge technologies for modern-day utility of bamboo.
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Taiwan proper has more than its share of natural splendor. Mountain ranges with many peaks reaching over 3,000 meters—including East Asia’s highest, Jade Mountain (Yushan)—and forested foothills occupy more than half of its area. The island also features volcanic mountains, tablelands, coastal plains and basins.

The area of bamboo forest in Taiwan is about 8% of forest cover. There are 22 genera, 89 species of bamboo in Taiwan, including 24 native species. The predominant species are:
 Makino Bamboo Phyllostachys makinoi
 Moso Bamboo Phyllostachys edulis
 Thill Bamboo Phyllostachys lithophila
 Long-branch Bambusa Bambusa dolichoclada
 Thorny Bamboo Bambusa stenostachya
 Hedge Bamboo Bambusa multiplex
 Ma Bamboo Dendrocalamus latiflorus
 Green Bamboo Bambusa oldhamii
 Yushan Cane Yushania niitakayamensis

Please join us! It will be amazing.