ABS Local Chapters

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Local Chapter Contact Person  
Florida Caribbean Chapter Shanti Pierce Email
Hawaii Chapter   Email
Louisiana Gulf Coast Chapter Judge Edwards Email
Midstates Chapter Daniel Fox Email
Northern California Chapter David King Email
Pacific Northwest Chapter Ian Connor Email
Southeast Chapter Daphne Lewis Email
Southern California Chapter Landy Banks Email
Texas Bamboo Society Harry Simmons Email

The above listed Chapters are the only ones recognized by the ABS Board of Directors. The Board has the ultimate authority to approve or disapprove applicant groups as ABS Chapters, in accordance with guidelines set forth in the ABS Bylaws. Groups or organizations not on the above list which claim to be ABS Chapters are doing so fraudulently. Any claim of nonprofit tax-exempt status by such groups is invalid unless they have obtained such status independently.

Keep us thriving!

Bamboo is a plant unlike any other. It brings us beauty, food, shelter, fuel, environment, art, inspiration, music, friendship and more. We need every one of you. and your support, you really do matter to us.