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Benefits of Membership in the American Bamboo Society

Membership in the American Bamboo Society and one ABS Chapter is for 12 months from when you join and includes a subscription to the quarterly BAMBOO Magazine, the ABS Species Source List, and online access to these and other publications. Members have the opportunity to be listed as a source of bamboo and bamboo-related products in the Species Source List. You can choose to have a “digital” membership (less cost) or a “print” membership, where a hard copy of BAMBOO Magazine will be mailed to you. The digital membership lets you conserve resources by downloading the publications from the internet. The digital publications are full color and are available about two weeks before the printed versions. Print memberships also include access to all digital publications. If you have specific questions about membership or renewal that are not answered here, please email or contact your local chapter.

Membership Fees

Membership category Membership Fee (Digital) Membership Fee (Print)
Individual (Joint) (US) $40 (usd) Annual $50 (usd) Annual
3-Year (Joint) (US) $110 (usd) $140 (usd)
International Membership from outside U.S. (ABS only) $40 (usd) Annual $55 (usd) Annual
Add’l Local Chapter Membership(s) $15 (usd) Annual $15 (usd) Annual
National Lifetime Membership (ABS only) $600 (usd) $800 (usd)
Student (Bamboo Study) FREE (Annual Renewal) N/A
Youth (Under 18, nonvoting) FREE (Annual Renewal) N/A
Commercial Membership (ABS only) $300 (usd) $310 (usd)
Institutional (Subscription only) $40 (usd) $55 (usd)

Membership notes:

  • (Joint) means membership in the National ABS and one chapter.
  • (ABS only) means membership does not include a chapter.
  • (US) means within the United States.
  • Student membership requires program director certification.
  • Note: Some local chapters offer lifetime memberships as well.
  • Commercial membership includes 25% discount on ads; Approval required; No Chapter.

Each year’s membership includes:

  • Updates of news and events from your primary chapter (and those of any additional chapters you join)
  • 4 issues of Bamboo: The Magazine of the American Bamboo Society
  • A digital link to the Journal of the American Bamboo Society
  • The ABS Bamboo Source List


Interested in Youth and Student Membership? send email