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Scientific and bamboo research articles appear in the Journal of the American Bamboo Society, a peer-reviewed online publication which is freely accessible to all under the Gold Open Access model. Available past issues may be downloaded as full text.

Some of the work published in the Journal has received financial support from the Ned Jaquith Foundation, which is partially funded by the American Bamboo Society and provides grants for bamboo-related research projects.


Journal #31 


We need to talk about Fargesia: new combinations and a new genus in the temperate Sino-Himalayan bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
Chris Stapleton
J. Amer. Bamboo Soc. 31: 1-16; 10 May 2021

Abstract: Morphology, phylogenetics and classification of temperate pachymorph-rhizomed Sino-Himalayan bamboos in Yushania and the current polyphyletic application of Fargesia are discussed. In the light of well-resolved topologies from ddRAD sequencing analyses, different possible approaches to the recognition and circumscription of genera are considered. The merits and disadvantages of applying strict rules of molecular phylogenetics or a more phenetic system to binomial nomenclature are discussed, and a compromise evolutionary taxonomy approach is recommended for species in western cultivation. This allows Fargesia to be applied to a small group of species with racemes, Yushania to species with long rhizomes, and Borinda to be applied to species with ridged culms. A new genus is also described for a separate monophyletic clade, and new combinations are made in the apparently paraphyletic genus Borinda.


Journal #30:2


Chusquea montisylvicola (Poaceae: Bambusoideae), a new species endemic to the Andes of southern Ecuador
Lynn G. Clark and Andrew D. Kaul
J. Amer. Bamboo Soc. 30: 6-11


Journal #30:1


Bambusa pallida (Poaceae: Bambusoideae), a new record for Bhutan
Sangay Dorjee, Chris Stapleton, Ugyen Chophel, Phurpa, Dhendup Tshering & Tshering Samdrup
J. Amer. Bamboo Soc. 30: 1-5

Abstract: Bambusa pallida Munro, an attractive species found from natural lowland forests of southern districts of Bhutan to W China and newly recorded for Bhutan, is described, illustrated, and lectotypified. The morphological characters by which it can be separated from other species are given. This species can provide useful products and also has potential to be planted as an ornamental horticultural plant in other subtropical regions.



Journal #29


Mechanical properties of bamboo: a research synthesis of strength values and the factors influencing them
Lorena Sanchez Vivas, Gray Mullins, Jeffrey A. Cunningham and James R. Mihelcic
J. Amer. Bamboo Soc. 29: 1-22; 7 October 2019

Abstract: Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, used in many countries as a viable building construction material. It is not yet widely used in the U.S. or other western countries however, partly because it is not yet included in building codes or safety standards. To develop these, the mechanical properties of bamboo must be fully understood and documented. Studies have been published by many different researchers, but they have not yet been aggregated or compared. From this literature 43 publications (in English, Portuguese, and Spanish) presenting mechanical properties for bamboos were selected and analyzed. Five mechanical properties were reviewed: shear strength, compressive strength, tensile strength, modulus of rupture (MOR), and modulus of elasticity (MOE). Properties were found to have a wide range, so major variables were investigated: age, bamboo species, density, moisture content, post-harvest treatment, and the testing standards employed. The findings suggest no consistent correlations exist between mechanical property values reported and these variables, although substantial variation was attributable to species, moisture content, and the test standard used, and we present overall average values. We propose that for practical purposes the inherently high variability in mechanical properties of bamboo suggested by this analysis can be accounted for by the use of appropriately high safety factors, but further research is clearly required.


Journal #28


Biogenic volatile organic compound emissions from bamboo: Exploring patterns of diversity across species
A. N. Melnychenko and T. N. Rosenstiel; pp. 1-9

The effect of light intensity and temperature on the chlorophyll fluorescence of Phyllostachys aureosulcata bamboo plants under controlled growth chamber conditions
D. Van Goethem, A. Van Elst, S. De Smedt, R. Valckb, G. Potters, R. Samson; pp. 10-22

Bamboo mat making and its contribution to the rural livelihood of women in South Meghalaya, India
M. B. Lynser, B. K. Tiwari, B. Nongbri and E. Kharlyngdoh; pp. 23-31

Cytokinin dynamics in cell suspension cultures of Bambusa balcooa Roxburgh using UPLC-ESI/MS/MS
S. Van den Akker, P. Bormans, H. Peeters, E. Prinsen, J. Gielis; pp. 32-39

Book Review: Bamboo – The plant and its uses
J. Gielis; p. 40


Journal #27


Freezing avoidance in tropical Andean bamboos
Francisca Ely1, Sayuri Kiyota and Fermin Rada; pp. 1-10

Effect of rainwater harvesting on distribution of water and nutrients in soil influencing growth of Dendrocalamus strictus in degraded hills in Rajasthan, India
G. Singh; pp. 11-26

Influence of environmental conditions on the DBH of Guadua angustifolia Kunth (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) in the Colombian coffee region.
Victoria Eugenia González C., Gerardo Fonthal y Hernando Ariza-Calderón; pp. 27-35

Assessing the effectiveness of Neem seed oil-treatment for split-bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) against Pycnoporus sanguineus based on tensile strength properties
Erakhrumen, A. A.; pp. 32-44


Journal #26


Canebrake fauna revisited: additional records of species diversity in a critically endangered ecosystem
Steven G. Platt, Thomas R. Rainwater, Ruth M. Elsey, & Christopher G. Brantley; pp. 1-12

Bergbambos and Oldeania, new genera of African bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
Chris M. A. Stapleton; pp. 13-26

Scientific investigation of traditional water leaching method for bamboo preservation
Perminderjit Kaur, Vikas Kardam, K.K. Pant, S. Satya, & S.N. Naik; pp. 27-32

Adaptive strategies of Reed Bamboos, Ochlandra spp., to the Western Ghat Habitats of India
B. Gopakumar & Bhavna Motwani; pp. 33-40

Flowering occurrences of Bambusa cacharensis in Barak Valley, Assam, India since its type collection: a note
Moonmee Devi & Debjyoti Bhattacharyya; pp. 41-44


Journal #25


An Updated Tribal and Subtribal Classification of the Bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
Bamboo Phylogeny Group; pp.  1-10

Visualisation of endophytic bacteria in Phyllostachys sp. and Fargesia sp.
Olena V. Moshynets, Svetlana P. Shpylova, Vitalii A. Kordium, Geert Potters; pp.  11-18

Identification of endophytic bacteria in Phyllostachys sp. and Fargesia sp.
Olena V. Moshynets, Judicaëlle Brunet, Geert Potters; pp.  19-26

Investigation on optimisation of kiln drying for the bamboo species Bambusa stenostachyaDendrocalamus asper and Thyrsostachys siamensis
Thi Kim Hong Tang, Johannes Welling, Thuy Dung Ho, Walter Liese; pp.   27-35

Flowering, reproductive biology and post flowering behaviour of
Dendrocalamus sikkimensis Gamble, in Kerala, India
Jijeesh, C.M., K.K. Seethalakshmi, Raveendran V.P.; pp.  36-42

Traditional uses of bamboos among the Karbis, a hill tribe of India
Robindra Teron and S. K. Borthakur ; pp. 43-49

The IXthWorld Bamboo Congress 2012
Johan Gielis ; pp. 50-52


Journal #24



Carbon Flux and Carbon Stock in a Bamboo Stand and their Relevance for Mitigating Climate Change
Raimund Düking, Johan Gielis and Walter Liese; pp.  1-6

Changes of Cell Wall Polysaccharides of Moso Bamboos of Four Different Ages
Zhi-Ming Liu, Nai-Xiang Jiang, Hai-Qing Ren and Yan-Li Ma; pp.  7-13

Chusquea mayrae (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae), a new species of montane forest bamboo
from Costa Rica
Amanda E. Fisher, Christopher D. Tyrrell and Lynn G. Clark; pp.  14-18

Antioxidant and pharmaceutical potential of bamboo leaves
Poonam Singhal, Santosh Satya and P. Sudhakar; pp.  19-28

Aphids as major pests of Bamboos in nurseries of South India and association of potential
biocontrol agents
Revathi T.G and O.K.Remadevi; pp.  29-34

Traditional utilization of village bamboos among the tea tribes of Barak Valley, northeast India
Arun Jyoti Nath, Paramita Bhattacharjee, Subrata Nandy and Ashesh Kumar Das; pp.  35-44


Journal #23


Bamboo based agroforestry systems to reclaim degraded hilly tracts (jhum) land in North Eastern India: study on uses, species diversity, distribution, and growth performance of Melocanna bacciferaD. hamiltoniiD. longispathus and Bambusa tulda in natural stands and in stands managed on a sustainable basis
L.K. Jha; pp. 1-28

Bamboo diversity and utilization in Balinese rituals at Angsri Village, Bali, Indonesia
I. B.K. Arinasa; pp. 29-37

Notes on Melocanna baccifera and bamboo brakes in the Rakhine Hills of western Myanmar
Steven G. Platt, Win Ko Ko, Khin Myo Myo, Lay Lay Khaing, Kalyar Platt, Aung Maung, and Thomas R. Rainwater; pp. 38-48

Floristic composition and phytosociology of a temperate bamboo stand in Eastern Himalaya, India
L.B. Singha, M.L. Khan and R.S. Tripathi; pp. 49-56


Journal #22


Occurrence of Aulonemia deflexa (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) in Brazil
Pedro L.Viana, Nara F. O. Mota and Tarciso S. Filgueiras; pp. 1-5

Molecular phylogeny of Asian woody bamboos: Review for the Flora of China
Chris M.A. Stapleton, Gráinne Ní Chonghaile and Trevor R. Hodkinson; pp. 5-25

A New Species of Chusquea sect. Swallenochloa (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae) from Brazil
Lynn G. Clark and Andrea Blong; pp. 26-31

Flowering and Regeneration of Three Endemic Reed Bamboos of Western Ghats – Ochlandra travancorica Benth, O. soderstromiana Mukthesh & Stephen and O. spirostylis Mukthesh, Seetha. & Stephen
Seethalakshmi K. K , Jijeesh C. M, BeenaV. B and Raveendran V.P.; pp. 32-39

Effects of Culm Height Levels and Node Presence on Mechanical Properties and Fracture Modes of Gigantochloa scortechinii Strips Loaded in Shear Parallel to Grain
Shahril Anuar Bahari and Mansur Ahmad; pp. 40-44


Journal #21


Cleofé E. Calderón (1929-2007)
Clark L.G., Judziewicz E.J., Londono X., Filgueiras T.S.; pp. 1-8

Trends in fiber characteristics of Nigerian grown bamboo and its effect on its impact and tensile strengths
Omobowale, M.O. and Ogedengbe, K.; pp. 9-13

Direct regeneration of shoots from immature inflorescences in Dendrocalamus asper (edible bamboo) leading to mass propagation
Sarita Arya, Richa Satsangi and I. D.Arya; pp. 14-20

Large scale plant production of edible bamboo Dendrocalamus asper through somatic embryogenesis.
Sarita Arya, R. Satsangi and I. D.Arya; pp. 21-31

Above ground biomass, production and carbon sequestration in farmer managed village bamboo grove in Assam, northeast India
Arun Jyoti Nath, Gitasree Das and Ashesh Kumar Das; pp. 32-40

A comparative study of nutrient components of freshly harvested, fermented and canned bamboo shoots of Dendrocalamus giganteus Munro
C. Nirmala, M.L. Sharma and David E.; pp. 41-47

Flowering in Chusquea riosaltensis (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae: Chusqueinae)
Fabricio Moreira, Pedro LageViana and Lynn G. Clark; pp. 48-52


Journal #20


Aulonemia ximenae (Poaceae: Bambusoideae), a new northernAndean species with fimbriate sheath margins
Lynn G. Clark, Emmet J. Judziewicz and Christopher D. Tyrrell; pp. 1-6

Coloring bamboo slivers with natural dyes
T. K. Dhamodaran & Jomy M. Johney; pp. 7-10

Sporadic flowering in six introduced woody bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) in Brazil
Tarciso S. Filgueiras and Roberto Magno de Castro e Silva; pp. 11-14

Culm characteristics and population structure of dolu bamboo (Schizostachyum dullooa (Gamble) Majumder) in BarakValley, Northeast India, the need for conservation and implications for management
Arun Jyoti Nath, Gitasree Das and Ashesh Kumar Das; pp. 15-20

Preservation of the Guadua angustifolia Kunth by submersion in aqueous boron solutions: the influence of temperature, concentration and duration of submersion in aqueous boron solutions on the effectiveness of the preservation of Colombian bamboo (Guadua angustifolia Kunth)
Tito Morales Pinzón and Michael Tistl; pp. 21-25

Fruit production in Melocanna baccifera (Roxb.) Kurz under two contrasting conditions
F. Lalnunmawia,V.P. Khanduri and Francis Zonunsanga; pp. 26-27

Historical bamboo images; pp. 28-30

Errata (illustrations of species published in Volume 19 of Bamboo Science and Culture); pp. 31-32


Journal #19


Distribution of starch in the culms of Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss and its influence on borer damage
Bhat, K.V., Varma, R.V., Raju Paduvil, Pandalai, R.C., and Santhoshkumar, R.; pp. 1-4

A new species of Chusquea sect. Longifoliae from Ecuador
Lynn G. Clark and David A. Losure; pp. 5-10

Aulonemia dinirensis (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae) a new dwarf Venezuelan species from the easternmost Andean páramos
Emmet J. Judziewicz and Ricarda Riina; pp. 11-15

Developmental anatomy of the fiber in Phyllostachys edulis culm
Gan Xiaohong and Ding Yulong; pp. 16-22

Soluble carbohydrates and acid invertases involved in the rapid growth of developing culms in Sasa palmata (Bean) Camus
E. Magel, S. Kruse, G. Lütje and W. Liese; pp. 23-29

Contemporary size maxima of Arundinaria gigantea (Walt.) Muhl.
Steven G. Platt, Christopher G. Brantley and Thomas R. Rainwater; pp. 30-31

F.A. McClure’s photos of the type collection of Chusquea robusta; p. 32


Journal #18


A New Species of Otatea from Chiapas,Mexico
Lynn G. Clark and Gilberto Cortés R.; pp. 1-6

A Checklist of the Basal Grasses and Bamboos in Brazil (POACEAE)
Tarciso S. Filgueiras and Ana Paula Santos Gonçalves; pp. 7-18

Phenology and Culm Growth of Bambusa cacharensis R.Majumdar in Barak Valley, Assam, North-East India
Arun Jyoti Nath, Gitasree Das and Ashesh Kumar Das; pp. 19-23

Validation of Chusquea decolorata Munro (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae)
Lynn G. Clark; pp. 24-28


Journal #17


A New Genus of Bamboos from the Cerrados of Brazil
Gerald F. Guala, pp. 1-3

Some Commercial Edible Bamboo Species of North East India: Production, Indigenous Uses, Cost-Benefit and Management Strategies
B.P. Bhatt, L.B. Singha, K. Singh and M.S. Sachan, pp. 4-20

Ambiguity and an American Bamboo: The Chusquea culeou Species Complex
Jim Triplett and Lynn G. Clark, pp. 21-27

Culm Anatomy of Native Woody Bamboos in Argentina and Neighboring Areas: Cross Section.
Zulma E. Rúgolo de Agrasar and M. Fernanda Rodríguez, pp. 28-43

Morphology and Taxonomy of the Top End Bamboo Bambusa arnhemica F. Muell., a Little-Known Bamboo from Northern Australia
Donald C. Franklin, pp. 44-54

A New Species of Chusquea Sect. Swallenochloa (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) from Bolivia
Lynn G. Clark, pp. 55-58

Lectotypification of Three Bamboo Species
Lynn G. Clark, pp. 59-60


Journal #16


Greslania circinata and Greslania rivularis (Poaceae-Bambusoideae) from New Caledonia
Soejatmi Dransfield; pp. 1 – 8

Genetic diversity and population structure of Pseudosasa japonica (Bambusaceae) in Korea
Hong Wook Huh and Man Kyu Huh; pp. 9 – 17

Characterization of the anatomy of Guadua angustifolia (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) culms
Ximena Londoño, Gloria C. Camayo, Néstor M. Riaño, and Yamel López; pp. 18 – 31

AFLP analysis of Guadua angustifolia (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) in Colombia with emphasis on the Coffee Region
Marta Leonor Marulanda, Pilar Márquez and Ximena Londoño; pp. 32 – 42

Plant growth and biomass distribution on Guadua angustifolia Kunth in relation to ageing in the Valle del Cauca – Colombia
N.M.Riaño, X. Londoño, Y. López and J.H. Gómez; pp. 43 – 51

Notes from TBGRI Bambusetum: precocious flowering in Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees
K .C.Koshy; p. 52


Journal #15


Reproductive Biology of Ochlandra scriptoria, an Endemic Reed Bamboo of the Western Ghats, India
K. C. Koshy and D. Harikumar; pp. 1 – 7

Arundinaria alpina in Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda
Wandui Clet Masiga, J.F.O. Esegu and G.C.M. Mwambu; pp. 8 – 13

Diversification and endemism in Andean woody bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
Lynn G. Clark; pp. 14 – 19

Bamboo and cane resources of Arunachal Pradesh: Utilization pattern and implications for management
T.C. Upreti and R.C. Sundriyal; pp. 20 – 34

Field identification key to the native bamboos of Kerala, India
Muktesh Kumar, M. Remesh and Stephen Sequiera; pp. 35 – 47

A brief note on the forage value of Apoclada species
Gerald F. Guala; p. 48


Journal #14


Lectotypification of Two Bamboo Species
Lynn G. Clark; pp. 1 – 3

Chusquea costaricensis, A New Species of Chusquea sect. Swallenochloa (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
Lynn G. Clark and Robert H. March; pp. 4 – 9

Bamboo uses for housing by the different tribes of Northeast India
Ramachandra Laha; pp. 10 – 14

Molecular evidence for polyphyly in the genus Apoclada (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
Gerald Guala, David Bogler, James Sadle & Javier Francisco-Ortega; pp. 15 – 20

Spatial habitat characterization and prediction for two endemic sister species of bamboo on the cerrados of central Brazil
Gerald Guala; pp. 21 – 27


Journal #13


Response of Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees Seedlings to Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Regulator
S. Jolly, K.R. Yadav, R.K. Sharma, R.M. Kothari and V Ramamurthy; pp. 1 – 5

Bamboo and Philately
Phillip Stager; p. 6


Journal #12


Flowering Phenology of Chusquea Bamboos with Special Reference to Chusquea talamancensis in Costa Rica
Yvonne Widmerv; pp. 1 – 20

Form and Function in the Bamboo Rhizome
Chris Stapleton; pp. 21 – 29

Vegetative Propagation of an Ornamental Bamboo, Bambusa vulgaris cv. Wamin McClure, by Branch Cuttings
T. Sekar, A. Balasubramanian and V. Manimekalai; pp. 30 – 36

A Decade of Observations of a Guadua angustifolia Plantation in Colombia
Ximena Londono; pp. 37 – 45

Diversity of Culm Bundles in Bambusa vulgaris Schrader ex Wendland
T. Sekar and A. Balasubramanian; p. 46


Journal #11


[This issue, with a single monograph, is dedicated to its author.]

The Taxonomy and Cultivation of Chimonobambusa (Makino)
Wen Taihui

Zhejiang Forestry Institute
Hangzhou, China


Journal #10


Gerald F. Guala II: Cyanogenesis in the Bamboos: A Phylogenetic Perspective; pp. 1 – 8

Chi-Ju Hsueh and De-Zhu Li: Five Genera of Bambusoideae (Gramineae)
Recently Discovered in Yunnan, China; pp. 9 – 14

Punya P. Poudyal: Fodder Value of Some Bamboo Species of the Kathmandu
Valley of Nepal; pp. 15 – 19

Margaret J. Stem: Bamboo parasites – The occurrence of gall midges (Diptera:
Cecidomyiidae) on Guadua and Fargesia; p. 20


Journal #9


A Note on the Taxonomic Problems, Ecology, and Distribution of Bamboos in Bangaladesh
M.K. Alam; pp. 1 – 7

Selection of Cold Resistant Economic Bamboo Species in China
Qiu Fugeng & Ma Naixun; pp. 8-16

Improved Methods of Propagation of Maggar Bamboo (Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees et Am. ex Munro) Using Single Node Cuttings Taken from Juvenile Culms of Elite Seedlings
A. Sood, O.P. Sharma, & L.M.S. Palni; pp. 17 – 24

The Classification of Bambusoideae (Poaceae) in China
Zhang Weiping; pp. 25 – 42


Journal #8


Volume 8 is devoted exclusively to Proceedings of the Second International Bamboo Conference, June 7-9, 1985 at
Bambouseraie de Prafrance, near Anduze, Gard, France

List of Participants; pp. 4 – 11

Julian J.N. Campbell: Sino-Himalayan Bamboos: Towards a Synthesis of Western and Eastern Knowledge; pp. 12 – 22

Isabelle Valade & Zulkifli Dahlan: Approaching the Underground Development of a Bamboo with Leptomorph Rhizomes: Phyllostachys viridis (Young) McClure; pp. 23 – 42

Koon Ming Wong: The Growth Architecture and Ecology of some Tropical Bamboos; pp. 43 – 58

Fred M. Schlegel: Growth Behavior of Chusquea culeou Desv. in South Central Chile; pp. 59 – 64

Pascal Dabadie, Philippe de Reffye, & Pierre Dinouard: Modelling Bamboo Growth and Architecture: Phyllostachys viridi-glauscens Riviere A. et C.; pp. 65 – 79

Claude Rifat: Measurement of Tessellations in Different Bamboos; pp. 80 – 96

Stephen M. Young: Bamboos in American Botanic Gardens Past, Present, and Future; pp. 97 – 116

Emmet Judziewicz and Lynn Clark: An Overview of the Diversity of New World Bamboos; pp. 117 – 122

David McClintock: Problems in Naming Temperate Bamboos; pp. 123 – 124

Elizabeth A. Widjaja: Socio-Ecological Observations of Bamboo Forests in Indonesia; pp 125-135

Gerald Bol: Collecting New World Bamboos; pp. 136 – 142

Wolfgang Eberts: The Progress of Bamboo in the Federal Republic of Germany; pp. 143 – 145

Elizabeth A. Widjaja: The Peculiar Preparation of Bamboo Shoots for Culinary Purposes in Indonesia; pp. 146 – 150

Walter Liese: Progress in Bamboo Research; pp. 151 – 167

Wenyue Hsiung: Prospects for Bamboo Development in the World; pp. 168 – 178

Peter Bindon: Ethnographic and other Uses of Australian Bamboo Resources; pp. 179 – 190

T.N. Lipangile: Manufacture and Construction of Bamboo Water Supply Systems; pp. 191 – 198

David Farrelly: The Need for Bamboo Promotion; pp. 199 – 204

Ximena Londoño: Preliminary Collection Data and Information for the Native Colombian Bamboo Project; pp. 205 – 209

Kiyoshi Yasui: International Exchange Through Bamboo; p. 210

Michael Hirsh: An Open Letter to All Who Attended IBC88 and All Those Who Wish They Had; pp. 211 – 213


Journal #7 (Issue 1 & 2)


Issue 1 & 2:

   Current and Potential Uses of Bamboo in Peninsular Malaysia
   K. M. Wong; pp. 1 – 15

   Method for Obtaining Vegetative Chromosome Counts of Bamboos
   Richard W. Pohl; p. 16

   Notes on Bamboo Survivability in the Pahrump Valley
   Gary Mitchell; pp. 17 – 21

   An Interior Installation of Moso Bamboo
   Michael L. O’Brien; p. 22 – 29


Journal #6


Volume 6 is devoted exclusively to:

Proceedings of the First International Bamboo Conference
June 28-30, 1985
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

No Table of Contents is available in this issue, but a comprehensive list of presenters can be found on pages 2 – 3 of the document.

Many “stars” of the bamboo world presented papers of great importance which are still relevant today.


Journal #5


Issue #1 & 2
   The Bamboos of the World – A Preliminary Study of Names and Distribution of the Herbaceous and Woody Bamboos (Bambusoideae Nees v. Esenb.) – Documented in Lists and Maps. Genus Chusquea.
      D. Ohrnberger and J. Goerrings; pp. 1 – 46
   The Flowerlng of Bambusa paniculata (Poaceae:, Bambusoideae) in Southern Mexico
      Stephen. M. Young; pp. 47 – 53
      D. Ohrnberger; p. 54 – 55

Issue #3 & 4
   Ethnobotanical Notes on Gigantochloa in lndonesia with Special Reference to G. apus
      Elizabeth A. Widjaja
; pp. 57 – 68
   Notes on Two Viny West Indian Bamboos
      L. G. Clark; pp. 69 – 72
   Growth Pattern of Monopodial Rhizomes of Bamboo Plants
      Wen Yue Hsiung; pp. 73 – 78
   Research on the Raising of Phyllostachys pubescens Seedlings
      Y.Y. Cheung , S.G. Cooper, T. J. Hansken and Y.C Cheung; pp. 79 – 86


Journal #4



Issue #1 & 2
   Interaction of Giant Pandas, Bamboos and People
      J. J. N. Campbell & Z. S. Qin; pp. 1 – 35
   Letters to the Editor: Hardiness of Bamboos on Cape Cod; p. 36 – 37

Issue #3 & 4
   A Description of The Bamboos of the World – A Preliminary Study of the Names and Distribution
      D. Ohrnberger and J. Goerrings; pp. 41 – 42
   The Genera of Bamboo, An Alphabetical Compilation of All Known Generic Names
      D. Ohrnberger; pp. 43 – 52
   The Bamboos of the World – A Preliminary Study of the Names and Distribution of the Herbaceous and Woody Bamboos (Bambusoideae Nees v. Esenb.) – Documented in Lists and Maps. Genus Sasaella
      D. Ohrnberger and J. Goerrings; pp. 53 – 82
   Letters to the Editor: (PohlPhyllostachys aureosulcata in Iowa; p. 83


Journal #3


Issue #1
   Society Objectives; p. 1
   The Culture of Moso in Japan, Part I
      Jinsaburo Oshima; pp. 2 – 28

Issue #2
   Oil, Polyphenol and Hydrocarbon Content in Culms of Phyllostachys Species
      W. C. Adamson, M. O. Bagby, and W. B. Roth; pp. 29 – 32
   The Culture of Moso in Japan, Part II
      Jinsaburo Oshima; pp. 33 – 46

Issue #3
   Arundinaria simonii Variegata
      David McClintock
; pp. 47 – 48
Phyllostachys pubescens in China
      Qui Fu-Geng; pp. 49 – 54
   Handbook of Bamboos Cultivated in the United States: Part IV: Mountain Bamboos of the Old World
      Richard Haubrich; pp. 55 – 69

Issue #4
   Bamboo and Its Use
      Sulpiz Kurz; pp. 71 – 87
   Clone Registration 1982; p. 88


Journal #2


Issue #1
   Society Objectives; p. 1
   Handbook of Bamboos Cultivated in the United States Part II: Giant Tropical Clumping Bamboos
      Richard Haubrich; pp. 2 – 20

Issue #2
   Notes on the Culture of Bamboo in South Bavaria
      Max Riedelsheimer; pp. 21 – 23
   Handbook of Bamboos Cultivated in the United States Part III: The Sasas
      Richard Haubrich; pp. 24 – 38
   Some Cold Hardiness Observations on the Temperate Bamboos Part I: Western New York
      Jim Smith; pp. 39 – 40

Issue #3
   Observations on the Morphological Variations and Distribution of Bambusa guadua Humb. et Bonpl. in Ecuador
      Stephen M. Young; pp. 41 – 50
   Annotated Bibliography on Bamboo
      Richard Haubrich; pp. 51 – 60

Issue #4
    A Glossary of Bamboo Terms
      Richard Haubrich; pp. 61 – 70
   Clone Registration 1981; p. 71


Journal #1 – The First ABS Journal


Issue #1:
   ABS Statement of Organization and Purpose; p. 1      
   A Survey of U.S.D.A. Bamboo Introductions
      Kenneth Brennecke; pp. 2 – 11
   Propagation of Bamboo by Vegetative Fractions (1)
      Kenneth Brennecke; pp. 12 – 15
   The ABS Bamboo Collection; pp 16 – 18
   Letter to the Editor; p. 19

Issue #2:
   Clone Registration; p. 20
   Obituary – Tanso Ishihara; p. 21
   Propagation of Bamboo by Vegetative Fractions (1) (cont.)
      Kenneth Brennecke; pp. 22 – 24
   The American Bamboos: Part I , Species Cultivated in the U. S.
      Richard Haubrich; pp. 25 – 31

Issue #3:
   Importation of Bamboo Propagules into the United States
      George A. White; pp. 32 – 33
   The American Bamboos: Part II, Natives of Costa Rica
      Richard Haubrich; pp. 34 – 43

Issue #4:
   Report on the Flowering and Fruiting of Arundinaria angustifolia (Mit. ) Houz. de Leh.
      Robert D. Fabel-Ward; pp. 44 – 46
   Clone Registration 1980; p. 47      
   Handbook of Bamboos Cultivated in the United States Part I: The genus Phyllostachys
      Richard Haubrich; pp. 48 – 94