ABS Board Minutes

Minutes of the American Bamboo Society Board Meeting 12.September 2021
Call to order: 11:00 AM PDT [via Zoom]
Quorum (7 Directors Minimum, 8 Present): Boeraeve, King, Meckes, Comstock, Simmons, Lewis, Edwards, Connor 
Directors absent: McCormick, Saporito, Pierce, Banks
Others present: Bill Hollenback (PNWC, Treasurer), Dan Fox (Mid-States Chapter)
(1) ABS Annual Meeting/Conference update (Kristen Comstock, Daphne Lewis) –
(a) Registrations have neared the meeting limit of 50 attendees. For this reason no general publicity will be done.
(b) The meeting staff has 4 regular and one additional volunteers; ABS Directors are welcome to assist in any way.
(c) The SEC has arranged liability insurance for the event.
(d) King will send out draft agenda and other materials as soon as enough reports have been submitted (to secretary@bamboo.org).
(e) The ABS Board will meet at Daphne’s in a tent from 11am – 3pm. The organizers will test the wifi there and possibly obtain a wifi extender if needed. Bill Hollenback cannot attend because of work obligations, and Boeraeve and Eduardo Ruiz-Sanchez (BOTA Director) cannot attend due to COVID travel restrictions. The three will join remotely by Zoom if possible.
(2) Membership & Treasury (Carole Meckes) – The total ABS membership is now 357. Many have joined the SEC, possibly because of the annual meeting. New “print” members who join after BAMBOO Magazine has been mailed will need to wait till the next issue is printed to receive a print copy – but may download the current issue from the member’s area of the website. The ABS account has $2000+ owed to the chapters. These dues should be sent to chapters more than annually, perhaps quarterly. Edwards highly recommended that a welcome phone call or other in-person contact be made by a chapter to each new member soon after the individual joins.
(3) Website (Hollenback) – Bulletin Board integration should be possible after bambooweb.info is repaired following a recent crash resulting from moving to a different host server. Maps discussed previously also require the system to be back up. Bill recommended an annual subscription to aMember support at $80/yr. Edwards so moved, Comstock seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
(4) Chapter Directors for 2021-2024 terms: Ian Connor has been re-elected by the PNWC; LGCC and TBSC have upcoming meetings and will advise.
(5) International news (Boeraeve) – Luc attended the EBS-D (Germany Bamboo Society) AGM recently and gave a brief report. They ran a very short and efficient Board meeting, and then attendees visited bamboo plantings.
(6) Hosting the 2022 and 2023 ABS AGMs and Conferences – 2022: Possibly Florida, but Shanti Pierce is not here to comment. She is also involved in a permaculture group. 2023: Tentatively at Avery Island, LA; Edwards will meet with the LGCC soon and advise.
(7) Next Meetings –
Board: 29.September 21, IN-PERSON, 11am – 3pm in the tent at Daphne Lewis’ place.
Adjournment: 12:40PM PDT.