ABS Board Meeting Minutes, 6 June 2021

Minutes of the American Bamboo Society Board Meeting 6.Jun 2021

Call to order: 11:00 AM PDT [via Zoom]

Quorum (6 Directors Minimum, 8 Present): Boeraeve, King, Meckes, Comstock, Connor, Edwards, Pierce, Banks
Directors absent: McCormick, Simmons, Lewis
Others present: Hollenback (PNWC, Treasurer)

(1) Tech Report –
(a) The WordPress “Ocean” theme will be used for now, recommended to buy the Pro version for $39.
(b) After reviewing several alternatives, the “Elementor Pro” WP editor requested at $49.
(c) Also after some research, a Pro events manager costing $300/yr was requested.
(d) Carole Meckes is working to incorporate the look and feel of the current bamboo.org into the new WordPress version. Commercial members’ logos have been added, and paid versions of software will make it easier to place ads.
(e) On a MOTION by Ian Connor, seconded by David King, the above purchases were approved unanimously.

(2) ABS Annual Meeting/Conference update –
(a) The dates are still 30.Sep – 2.Oct. Kristen Comstock gave updates: the primary ABS Board meeting is Wednesday, and the meet-and-greet will be around 5pm that day.
(b) The planners are shooting for a 6.July date for opening registrations and hotel room booking, assuming the revised website with its new event software will be online by then.
(c) Thursday 30.Sep is the busiest day, including the Annual General Membership Meeting, the Board meeting to elect officers, and the silent and live auctions.
(d) Optional sessions on Bamboo 101 and Crafting have been added to Friday’s program.
(e) Kristen Comstock shared the Chapter’s budget — registration fees will likely start at $250 for an early bird member fee. $50 will be added for nonmembers, to encourage them to join before registering (and save $10). Four meals are included, plus AM snacks.
(f) Shanti Pierce suggested live-streaming parts of the program. This would require a dedicated volunteer, possibly paid.
(g) The ABS pre-meeting survey results (thank you, Kristen) show 33 respondents definitely or likely to attend so far.
(h) Auctions: There will not be an online auction, but a silent and a live plant auction will happen. An auction plant list should be on bamboo.org where it may be updated regularly. Judge Edwards suggested that the Ned Jaquith Foundation participate in organizing the auction, understanding that auction proceeds are earmarked for research grants.

(3) Arts & Crafts Competition – Shanti Pierce soon will email/mail/post flyers to social media, BAMBOO Magazine, bamboo.org, and internationally.

(4) WBC Sponsorship funds – Luc Boeraeve received a response from the Taiwan WBC committee stating that any the ABS sponsorship funds left after expenses will be forwarded to the organizers of the next WBC (April 2022). Whether the free WBC registration will be honored will be up to them. The ABS Board agreed that this is the best course of action, rather than the ABS requesting a refund.

(5) Need for a host for the 2022 ABS AGM and Conference – Shanti Pierce suggested two topics: (1) disaster preparedness involving bamboo — perhaps someone in Puerto Rico could participate; and (2) permaculture using bamboo. She will ask the Florida ABS members about hosting a meeting as well, since there are very few contacts in Puerto Rico. Judge Edwards stated the Louisiana Gulf Coast Chapter is overdue to host an ABS meeting, and also will check with his chapter members.

(6) Next Meetings –
Board: 18.Jul 21, 11am PDT, 2pm EDT.
Tech Committee: 13 Jun 2021, same time.

Adjournment: 13:00PM PDT.