ABS Board Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the American Bamboo Society Board 11 June 2023
Call to order: 11:00 PDT [via Zoom]
(1) Quorum (7 voting Directors minimum, out of 13 total): 
Directors present (8): Edwards, King, Connor, Banks, Lewis, Boeraeve, Clever, Comstock
Directors absent (5): Pierce, Simmons, Hollenback, Saporito, Li
Others present:
Carole Meckes (Co-Treasurer, Membership, Webmaster)
Autumn Ramsay (PNWC, consults with ABS Tech Committee)
Mark Sanders (Magazine Editor Candidate)
Don Shor (Magazine Editor)
Dan Fox (MSC Liaison)
(2) ABS2023, the ABS 2023 Annual Meeting (All Directors) –
All is on track. Program reviewed. Publicity needed – Mark Sanders will help.
(3) ABS2024 Annual Meeting – Hawaii (Carole) – 
No new developments.
(4) Financial (David) –
The Board hereby authorizes David King, Carole Meckes, and Bill Hollenback to have full access to the newly established Schwab brokerage which was funded by a transfer of the TD Ameritrade account. David King has initiated the process with Schwab.
(5) ABS Tech Committee (Kristen, Autumn) – 
Working on a way to search bamboo.org, including the content of PDFs. Working to speed up the loading of archived newsletters/magazines.
(6) Arts & Crafts Competition for 2023 –
Luc will contact Shanti to inquire about this year’s plans.
(7) Nominations (Autumn, David) –
Are hereby open; David will contact Harry Simmons, previous nominations chair, to ask about his continuing involvement. Two ABS At-Large positions end at the next ABS meeting. Hawaii still has insufficient ABS primary members to qualify for a chapter director. The Mid-States Chapter term is open and Dan Fox expressed interest.
(8) Editor of BAMBOO Magazine –
After Mark introduced himself, the Board unanimously approved his accession to the editor position. He will work closely with Don Shor, current editor, to improve the quality of printed photos, and have a feature article in each issue, such as announcing a new species (with reference to the JABS if possible) or a description of a member’s favorite bamboo. Don recommended a stipend for the editor, which will be considered by the Board at a future meeting.
(9) Journal of the ABS –
A new article just uploaded today, describing a new species of Yushania growing in Bhutan.
(10) Species Source List update –
It is almost ready. Will followup in next meeting.
(11) Advertising (James) – 
Suggests new commercial members be written up in the Magazine.
Mark proposed featuring an individual member in each Magazine issue.
(12) Chapter News – 
SEC (Daphne): A new book, “Cooking With Bamboo” by Kay Koppedrayer has been published; the U of GA has given advice on control of the bamboo fungus afflicting groves in the Southeast.
TBSC (Carole): The 29th Bamboo Festival will take place at Zilker Botanical Garden (Austin) in the fall, date TBA.
(13) Events – 
WBC in Taiwan, April 2024
Ned’s Bash, Portland, OR 29 July 2023
Guatemala World Bamboo Workshop, 26-29 October 2023
Next Meetings –
ABS Board: 16 July 2023, via Zoom
ABS Tech Committee: 6 August 2023, via Zoom
Adjournment: 13:00 PDT.