ABS Board Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the American Bamboo Society Board 10 March 2024
Call to order: 11:00 PDT [via Zoom]
(1) Quorum (8 voting Directors minimum, out of 14 total):
Directors present (12): Pierce, Edwards, Fox, King, Connor, Banks, Rogers, Boeraeve, Clever, Hollenback, Sanders, King
Directors absent (2): Simmons, Li
Others present:
Carole Meckes (Co-Treasurer, Membership Chair)
Autumn Ramsay (PNWC member and Technical Committee)
(2) ABS2024, the ABS 2024 Annual Meeting (Clever) –
– The program is set and promotion can now start.
– Susanne Lucas contacted the Missouri Botanical Garden (MoBot) about a Fargesia planting program and grooming the bamboos on the garden’s island.
– Local volunteers are needed for various jobs.
– Carole Meckes can be contacted to find roommates for Moonrise hotel rooms.
– James Clever has booked a suite for the Board meeting; the hotel can provide extra chairs on request.
– The ABS will not be required to carry liability insurance for the MoBot meeting.
– Lawton Rogers enjoyed the side activities (crafts, art) at the Georgia meeting and asked about adding these to ABS2024; James Clever noted the requirement for a volunteer to follow through. Ian Connor suggested the Friday of the meeting would be the only day possible to add extra activities.
(3) World Bamboo Congress 2024 (Taiwan) (Lucas) –
– A flyer/poster for the WBC attendees promoting the ABS 2024 meeting is being shepherded by Ian Connor and will be available at the Taiwan event.
(4) ABS2025 ABS Conference – no definite plans yet.
(5) Species Source List (Bill) –
– All data have been input and it has been sent for proofreading.
– Advertisements need to be added.
– Carole Meckes will check the membership status of the listed sources.
(6) ABS Mission Statement Revision (All) –
– David King clarified the difference between a “mission” statement and a “vision” statement. Organizations usually have both. Mission: A sentence briefly stating the (very general) plan/process to achieve specific goals; Vision: a view of the world after the mission has been accomplished and the goals reached. An example: if the mission is to disseminate information, the vision is that the target audience will appreciate and use that information.
– Sample mission statements, both human- and AI-generated, were presented.
– Ian Connor and Autumn Ramsay will continue to consider options for a mission statement and present them to the Board.
(7) Membership (Meckes) –
– Current ABS membership is 374.
(8) Reports from ABS Chapters and International Director – 
– Luc Boeraeve traveled in Indonesia, especially Java and Bali. Bamboo is being used to construct more resorts than individual residences. A  bamboo tissue culture facility (or lab/nursery) in Yogyakarta is able to produce a million bamboo plants per year.
– LGCC (Edwards): The Chapter is looking for a new treasurer and has 2 new board members; quarterly get-togethers are planned.
– LGCC’s Avery Island event (Pierce): There were artists present who were working with bamboo for the first time.
– TBSC (Meckes): A Brazilian speaker presented a talk on “Bamboo in Brazil” at Avery Island on the Sunday of the grove grooming event.
Next Meetings –
ABS Board: 19 May 2024 via Zoom.
ABS Tech Committee: (not scheduled).
Adjournment: 13:00 PDT.