ABS Board Minutes

Minutes of the American Bamboo Society Board Meeting 18.July 2021
Call to order: 11:00 AM PDT [via Zoom]
Quorum (6 Directors Minimum, 8 Present): Boeraeve, King, Meckes, Comstock, Edwards, Banks, Simmons, Lewis
Directors absent: McCormick, Connor, Saporito
Others present: Hollenback (PNWC, Treasurer), Dan Fox (Mid-States Chapter)
(1) Website Revision –
(a) The Pro version of the WordPress “Ocean” theme for $39 might be needed for certain features.
(b) Facebook and Instagram link: the icons need to be changed, and the FB link will bring up the “ABS Members” group. It is uncertain if/how individuals can upload bamboo images to Instagram.
(c) Carole Meckes has revised most of ABS site except for the donation and links pages.
(d) A tentative “go live” date for the revised website was set for 26.July.
(2) ABS Annual Meeting/Conference update –
(a) The online registration system, integrated with bamboo.org, was demo’d by Kristen Comstock. She has a few changes pending but it should be ready by the bamboo.org go-live date.
(b) Registration will open for ABS members two weeks before general registration begins.
(c) Daphne presented the hotel room rates for the reserved block: $140 – $155/day; they are about $20/day less than the regular rates.
(d) Workshop(s) may be moved to Sunday, giving attendees a choice of that or self-guided visits to bamboo plantings.
(e) Transportation: Carpooling at meeting, no buses or vans are scheduled; options from Atlanta airport include renting a car or a shuttle to the “general area” of the hotel (need to schedule pickup from dropoff point with organizers).
(f) Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to attend, along with masks and/or distancing depending on the prevalence of infections at the time.
(3) Amazon Smile income – Arrives irregularly, is deposited directly into the ABS account. May not be available to non-US Amazon shoppers.
(4) Nominations for upcoming At-Large Director vacancy – Harry Simmons has an email requesting nominations ready to send; Carole will send via aMember. Nominations will close 50 days before the ABS meeting, according to the ABS Bylaws, which is about 12.August.
(5) Hosting the 2022 and 2023 ABS AGMs and Conferences – Florida remains a possibility, and Judge Edwards will check with Louisiana Gulf Coast Chapter members.
(6) Next Meetings –
Board: 22.August 21, 11am PDT, 2pm EDT.
Board: 12.September 21, 11am PDT, 2pm EDT.
Tech Committee: 26.July 2021, 5pm PDT, 8pm EDT.
Adjournment: 12:30PM PDT.