Gilligan’s Island Contest

A running gag on the show is the castaways’ ability to fashion an array of useful objects from bamboo, gourds, vines, and other local materials, but not to repair the hole in the SS Minnow! Russell Johnson (The Professor) noted in his autobiography that the production crew enjoyed the challenge of building these props.

This is your chance to give it a try!

Bamboo props created for the show include:

  • Eating and cooking utensils
  • Framed huts with thatched grass sides and roofs, along with bamboo closets strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and rain
  • Communal dining table and chairs
  • Pipes for Gilligan’s hot water
  • A stethoscope
  • A pedal-powered car
  • Professor’s Top 11 Inventions


The Contest

  • We’ll form teams to compete.  Plenty of time to sort that out earlier in the conference!
  • You can even come up with ideas beforehand and recruit people to help
  • An appropriately kitschy prize (or prizes) will be awarded


  • We have plenty of poles!
  • If you are driving from home, you might want to bring your favorite bamboo construction/crafting tools along.

NOTE:  We’ll only have this event if  at least 10 people are interested, so be sure to get a ticket!