Journal #9

Journal #9


A Note on the Taxonomic Problems, Ecology, and Distribution of Bamboos in Bangaladesh
M.K. Alam; pp. 1 – 7

Selection of Cold Resistant Economic Bamboo Species in China
Qiu Fugeng & Ma Naixun; pp. 8-16

Improved Methods of Propagation of Maggar Bamboo (Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees et Am. ex Munro) Using Single Node Cuttings Taken from Juvenile Culms of Elite Seedlings
A. Sood, O.P. Sharma, & L.M.S. Palni; pp. 17 – 24

The Classification of Bambusoideae (Poaceae) in China
Zhang Weiping; pp. 25 – 42