Journal #26

Journal #26


Canebrake fauna revisited: additional records of species diversity in a critically endangered ecosystem
Steven G. Platt, Thomas R. Rainwater, Ruth M. Elsey, & Christopher G. Brantley; pp. 1-12

Bergbambos and Oldeania, new genera of African bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
Chris M. A. Stapleton; pp. 13-26

Scientific investigation of traditional water leaching method for bamboo preservation
Perminderjit Kaur, Vikas Kardam, K.K. Pant, S. Satya, & S.N. Naik; pp. 27-32

Adaptive strategies of Reed Bamboos, Ochlandra spp., to the Western Ghat Habitats of India
B. Gopakumar & Bhavna Motwani; pp. 33-40

Flowering occurrences of Bambusa cacharensis in Barak Valley, Assam, India since its type collection: a note
Moonmee Devi & Debjyoti Bhattacharyya; pp. 41-44