Journal #18

Journal #18


A New Species of Otatea from Chiapas,Mexico
Lynn G. Clark and Gilberto Cortés R.; pp. 1-6

A Checklist of the Basal Grasses and Bamboos in Brazil (POACEAE)
Tarciso S. Filgueiras and Ana Paula Santos Gonçalves; pp. 7-18

Phenology and Culm Growth of Bambusa cacharensis R.Majumdar in Barak Valley, Assam, North-East India
Arun Jyoti Nath, Gitasree Das and Ashesh Kumar Das; pp. 19-23

Validation of Chusquea decolorata Munro (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae)
Lynn G. Clark; pp. 24-28