Journal #17

Journal #17


A New Genus of Bamboos from the Cerrados of Brazil
Gerald F. Guala, pp. 1-3

Some Commercial Edible Bamboo Species of North East India: Production, Indigenous Uses, Cost-Benefit and Management Strategies
B.P. Bhatt, L.B. Singha, K. Singh and M.S. Sachan, pp. 4-20

Ambiguity and an American Bamboo: The Chusquea culeou Species Complex
Jim Triplett and Lynn G. Clark, pp. 21-27

Culm Anatomy of Native Woody Bamboos in Argentina and Neighboring Areas: Cross Section.
Zulma E. Rúgolo de Agrasar and M. Fernanda Rodríguez, pp. 28-43

Morphology and Taxonomy of the Top End Bamboo Bambusa arnhemica F. Muell., a Little-Known Bamboo from Northern Australia
Donald C. Franklin, pp. 44-54

A New Species of Chusquea Sect. Swallenochloa (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) from Bolivia
Lynn G. Clark, pp. 55-58

Lectotypification of Three Bamboo Species
Lynn G. Clark, pp. 59-60