American Bamboo Society Conference
29 September - 3 October 2021

Additional Conference Information

COVID-19 Updates

We hoped to avoid masks if all attendees were vaccinated; however, the current Delta surge in Georgia means we must embrace all COVID precautions and avoid medical emergencies of any kind.

Please respect everyone’s individual needs regarding extra distance/masks–especially if you don’t have on a mask outdoors.  Some of us have fragile loved ones or even ourselves to protect.

Kristen says if you get up in her face with no mask on, she might just smack you upside the head with her bamboo fan!  >;D

    • Indoors – must be worn properly at all times–except while actively eating or drinking
    • Outdoors – Strongly advised & encouraged; 
    • Unmasked – 20+ feet (unrealistic, but try)
    • Masked – 6+ feet
  • Please bring an ample supply of masks (N-95s are suggested) + your favorite hand sanitizer

Hotel Updates

Holiday Inn Express
1502 Sam Nunn Boulevard
Perry, Georgia 31069

9/16:  The ABS block sold out, but we think you can still get the ABS Bamboo Conference discount if you call them.

Bamboo Society (Block Code is ABS)

We reserved:

  • 5 King Rooms (1 bed per room) – group rate $139.99 (reg rate $169.99)
  • 21 Queen Rooms (2 beds per room) – group rate $154.99 (reg rate $184.99)


  • This year, the best way to get to the conference is to drive your own car!
  • Many of you will be travelling from afar, thus you must fly.  Rental cars are the next best option.  
  • Airport shuttle service is another option.  The Groome drop-off in Perry is less than a 10-min walk from the hotel and Georgia Peach offers door-to-door service.
  • During the conference, transportation to and from event venues will be via your own vehicle or voluntary carpools.
  • When you register, you can let us know if you want to carpool:
    • from home to the conference (more like a rideshare)
    • from the airport to the conference
    • around the area during the conference

ATL Shuttle Services

Groome Transportation

Groome Transportation website

  • Currently $66 each way
  • 6 shuttles each way, every day
  • Check website for schedule & pricing
  • You MUST reserve a ticket for Perry
  • Perry drop-off site is a 10 minute walk to conference hotel
  • Online booking discount is $2

NOTE:  if Perry schedule doesn’t work for your arrival or departure time, you could take shuttle to Warner-Robbins and Uber/Lyft from/to there.  We can’t vouch for availability, however!

Georgia Peach Shuttle

Georgia Peach Shuttle website

  • Offers door-to-door services at a higher price
  • Might be good for late night arrivals or early morning departures
  • Check website for pricing

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