ABS Board Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the American Bamboo Society Board 16.July 2023
Call to order: 11:00 PDT [via Zoom]
(1) Quorum (7 voting Directors minimum, out of 13 total): 
Directors present (11): Pierce, Edwards, King, Connor, Banks, Lewis, Simmons, Boeraeve, Clever, Comstock, Li
Directors absent (2): Hollenback, Saporito
Others present:
Carole Meckes (Co-Treasurer, Membership, Webmaster)
Autumn Ramsay (PNWC, Tech Committee member)
Mark Sanders (BAMBOO Magazine Editor)
Dan Fox (Interim MSC Director)
(2) ABS2023, the ABS 2023 Annual Meeting (Judge, Carole) –
11 have registered so far, but more expected as time draws closer.
Vinc Math and the group have settled on a gazebo as the structure to be built during the conference.
Candyce Clark has stepped back as an organizer due to illness; her duties will be shared among other LGCC participants.
(3) ABS2024 Annual Meeting – Hawaii (Carole) – 
The focus is proposed to be Whispering Winds Bamboo nursery on Maui, which will assist in the planning.
Alternatives to Hawaii on the mainland were reserched by James Clever, focusing on costs for attendees and rental cars. Luc surmised that Hawaii might draw fewer attendees due to distance and costs and offered this comment: “it is important to have a full and interesting Conference/visit program so that it remains attractive notwithstanding the travel distance and higher travel and accommodation costs. We should now focus on preparing a great program!”.
The ABS2024 site remains tentative, pending further Board action.
(4) BAMBOO Magazine Editor update (Mark) – 
Plans include to standardize the format of submissions, organize the contents and spotlight an ABS member in each issue, among others. Mark will send his concepts to Board members for comment.
(5) Website (Carole) –
Because the ABS Board is meeting several times a year online, the website list of old Board minutes is long. The consensus of the Board was to keep only the last few online Board meetings listed: i.e., the last Annual Meeting in-person Board minutes should always be available, as well as no more than six sets of the most recent online minutes, subject to the discretion of the webmaster.
(6) Nominations (Harry) – 
So far there are two nominees (David King, Autumn Ramsay) for the two At-Large Director positions available this year. An email will be sent to all current ABS members stating that nominations are open, and also published in the next BAMBOO Magazine.
(7) Arts & Crafts Competition (Shanti) – 
The theme is “Metamorphosis”, or transformation involving bamboo in some way.
The website will be updated soon. Shanti is reaching out to schools in Florida and elsewhere.
Mark proposed using Instagram for this and other ABS events.
(8) Director/Officer Travel Reimbursement – 
By consensus, the Board agreed to an application deadline of 1 month before the ABS Annual Meeting, with a $500 maximum individual reimbursement, by the priorities listed in the ABS Policy/Procedure Manual.
(9) Brokerage (David) –
Bill Hollenback and Carole Meckes have successfully been added to the account at Schwab with full access.
(10) Mid-States Chapter – 
Dan Fox has agreed to be the current (voting) MSC Director on the ABS Board, as interim Director now, and beginning a 3-year term at the 2023 ABS Annual Meeting.
(11) Species Source List (Bill by phone) – 
Will be ready to send to the printer in 1 week.
(12) Chapter News – 
SEC (Daphne): The Halloween “Boofest” is expanding this year because of successes in past events. 800 people attended last year. SEC members paid a visit to the 5-year-old Moso plantings at the North Carolina Agricultural Technical College, as well as their Henon which seemed happy growing in a wet environment.
TBSC (Carole): The 29th Bamboo Festival is at risk because of delays in scheduling by Zilker Botanical Garden. The every third Saturday grove groomings continue.
FCC (Shanti): Planning a project with “Permaculture Convergence” in December 2023.
(13) Events – 
Ned’s Bash, Portland, OR 29 July 2023
(Ian): The Bash will feature 15 desirable bamboos showcased by a slideshow; making didgeridoos; and a presentation on the Chusqueas by Rogelio Macias-Ordoñez from Veracruz, Mexico.
Vinc Math is having an event in Columbus, Indiana in August 2023.
Guatemala World Bamboo Workshop, 26-29 October 2023
World Bamboo Congress in Taiwan, April 2024
Next Meetings –
ABS Board: 10 September 2023, via Zoom
ABS Tech Committee: 6 August 2023, via Zoom
Adjournment: 12:45 PDT.