2014 Seattle Bamboo Festival

Bamboo / Peony / Chinese Garden Festival

Seattle Bamboo Festival at the Seattle Chinese Garden

Saturday-Sunday, May 17–18, 2014 10 am to 4 pm

At the: Seattle Chinese Garden 6000 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106
Just North of the South Seattle Community College Campus

Plant sale, Demonstrations and Lectures 10AM until 4PM Saturday & Sunday

Contact: James Clever
or 206-371-1072 for further details.
Talks and Demonstrations scheduled

Gary Marzolino
Fernhill Bamboo Nursery
Talk Title: “Tips on Bamboo Planting” Saturday Only 11AM

Ian Connor, Portland, Oregon
Connor Bamboo
Talk Title: “Garden with Bamboo” Saturday & Sunday Noon

John Stamey, San Juan Island, Washington
Wild Bird Bamboo
Talk Title: “Clumping Bamboo Propagation” Saturday Only 1PM

James Clever Bamboo Gardener LLC
Talk titles: “10 Favorite Bamboo Working Tools”, 10:30AM “Making a Bamboo Broom” 2PM “Basic Bamboo Care” 10AM Saturday & Sunday

Noah Bell, North Plains, Oregon
Bamboo Garden Nursery
Talk Title: “ Hardy Clumping Bamboos on the Horizon”
Sunday Only 1PM


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