Bamboo of the Americas

BOTA is -

A project of the American Bamboo Society (ABS), a California
non-profit scientific and literary charitable corporation, tax-exempt under
section 501 (c)-3. Contributions to this project are tax-deductible under
federal and California laws.

BOTA: Our Mission

Bamboo of the Americas is a non-profit conservation action organization
established to ensure the sustained viability of native bamboo species
throughout the Americas. Native bamboo plants and habitat are disappearing rapidly. A solution is to cooperate with and assist regional botanic gardens and ecological institutions by establishing living and herbarium collections in
partner countries.

Our Assistance Program Objectives

  • To establish national collections of native bamboo species.
  • To research and document the growth habits and ecology of native
    bamboo,including endangered species and ensure their sustained futurethrough the
    training of students, propagation efforts and habitat restoration.
  • To implement human resources and economic plans for the distribution and
    utilization of selected native bamboo species.
  • To work together with local residents, indigenous groups, regional,
    national, and international government agencies and NGOs for the conservation of
    native bamboo resources.
  • To enhance the awareness of the benefits of bamboo through eco-tourism and
    other educational activities.
Best regards,
Gib Cooper
BOTAExecutive Director

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2011 ABS Auction

It is now to think about plants for the ABS auction this Fall at the National Meeting.  We will precede the ABS meeting with an online auction to allow people that cannot attend the meeting the chance to bid on plants. The donors can ship directly to the winners therefore donations for the National meeting need not be physically present at the Meeting. If you are attending, and would rather bring plants we will auction some on site.

The following information is what we’ll need for any donations for the on-line auction.

1) Photos of the actual plant or one of approximate size (Marked ‘Actual’ or ‘Approximate’) A ruler next to the plant will help the buyer judge the size. Photos or links to photos of the full-grown plant. These can be from the donor or  Photos can be any size and we will resize to fit on the auction site.
2) Information on the plant. If there is information on the species list it will also be included.
a) Shipping information and any restrictions on where and when you can ship.
b)Will the plant be at the live auction and if not the price to ship to the lower 48 states. If no price is given the shipping cost is assumed to be the actual cost of shipping.

3) Value of the plant. The starting bid will be based off of this value.
Contact information for questions.

To help the integrity of the auction an effort will be made to verify the identity of the plant from the photo or other information from the donor.
The information and photos should be submitted before September 17th to allow time to process the information and posting them to the auction site. Please try and donate early so there is not a big rush at the deadline. Please send the information to

The auction plants will be viewable starting in September as donations come in. The web auction will then start on September 25th and run till October 8th, then it will conclude at the live auction on October 15th.

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2011 American Bamboo Society Arts & Crafts Competition Guidelines

2011 American Bamboo Society Arts & Crafts Competition
Award Information and Application Guidelines
Application Period:
January 31st, 2011 to August 12, 2011 at 11:59 P.M. EST
General Information and Eligibility Requirements:
The American Bamboo Society seeks applicants for awards totaling $1,400. Possible award categories are “Celebrating bamboo’s personality”, “Bamboo as a design motif”, or “New and innovative work using bamboo.” Artists working in any art or craft may apply: crafts, fine art, design, literature, and performing arts.
Award recipients and award amounts will be determined by a review panel based on artistic excellence, accomplishment to date, and the promise of future achievement in bamboo. Each applicant will receive a digital
copy of Bamboo, the ABS magazine for one year.
Who May Apply:
Anyone living in or outside of the U.S.
Eligible Work:
Crafts, Fine art, Design, Literature, and Performing Arts.
Examples of Non-Eligible Work:
Any project, proposal, or entry made as a class project or for class credit. Any industrially mass-produced item is also not eligible. Applicants who have won an award, cash or honorable mention in the last two years are not eligible.
Notification and Publicity:
Award recipients will be notified prior to the 2011 American Bamboo Society Conference in October 2011 on Avery Island, Louisiana. Names of award recipients and panelists will be posted on the ABS Web site following the 2011 conference. ABS retains award recipients’ image files and supporting application materials for our records, the ABS Web site and our publication, Bamboo. Other applicants’ files will be purged from our database in December 2011.
Recipient Responsibilities:
When the award recipient participates in public activities with the funded work (performances, exhibitions, etc.) the recipient shall give credit to the American Bamboo Society with the following credit line: “This project is supported by the American Bamboo Society.”
By September 1st, 2011 award recipients are required to write a short statement describing how the award impacted her/his continued work efforts with bamboo. This report will include photo documentation. This
statement will be read at the annual meeting of the American Bamboo Society in the fall of 2010 and published in the magazine, Bamboo, and on the ABS Web site.
Although not required recipients are asked to submit a small article for our monthly magazine, “Bamboo”, about their work.
Online Application Information:
A completed application consists of the following information & files:
Applicant Profile:
Name, mailing address, phone number, website, and email address.
A two-page résumé:
This should pertain to any art or bamboo-related work done.
Project Description:
No more than a one-page description of the proposed project or the body of work the applicant wishes to extend. Be sure to describe how and why you chose bamboo.
Work Samples:
Five to 15 JPEG photos approximately the size of 6” x 8” at 300 dpi. Images must be JPEG files with the .jpg extension. Please put a title on each file with your last name and the title of each piece. Do not send original artworks.
Performing Arts entries may send video or audio recordings.
Work information page:
Text descriptors for each image: Title, Year Completed, Medium, and Dimensions. Performance art
entries information should include Title, Year Completed, and a short explanation of pieces.
A short bio:
1,000 words maximum. In the case of an award, this bio will be published.
Artist Statement:
(One page maximum) the purpose of the statement is to give the review panel a better understanding of your work, while they are viewing it. Your statement should be clear, concise and relate to the work samples you
Support materials:
You may include any articles either by photocopy (3 copies per article) or digital file. These must relate to your bamboo/artwork. You may send material samples such as dyed swatches of cloth, however you must send 3 samples.
Going Green:
In order to reduce the amount of paper, plastic, and fuel used in the application processes please do not send your application in a binder or folder. Everything should fit on a single CD. If you have no access to modern digital equipment you may send 3 copies of each photograph and 3 copies of each application part printed on paper. If you would like materials to be returned, please send an SASE with the correct amount of postage.
Please submit your application to:
Charissa Brock
ABS Arts & Crafts Coordinator
Bamboo Garden
18900 NW Collins RD
North Plains, OR 97133
Or digitally to:
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2011 American Bamboo Society Arts & Crafts Competition

abs arts &crafts 2011

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2011 ABS Conference and Meeting

The ABS Annual Meeting of 2011 will be held October 13-16 in Louisiana, sponsored by the Louisiana-Gulf Coast Chapter. Headquarters and the main venue will be at the Holiday Inn Lafayette, 2032 NE Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette, LA 70501.
Avery Island is a historic site for bamboo, thanks to the efforts of Edward Avery McIlhenny, son of Edmund McIlhenny, the founder of McIlhenny Company,  manufacturers of Tabasco. Working with David Fairchild and his colleagues in the USDA’s Office of Plant Introduction, McIlhenny established one of the largest and most successful early plantations of bamboo in this country.
Note: an excellent summary of E. A. McIlhenny’s contributions in growing bamboo successfully from 1909 onward was given in an article by Andrew Ringle (a cousin) in BAMBOO vol. 23, no. 6, 2002.

Activities planned for this year’s meeting so far are:
Thursday, 13 October:
Field trip to Avery Island, including luncheon and a full schedule of grove explorations and on-site talks both in <>Jungle Gardens and elsewhere on the Island.
Friday, 14 October:
Speakers and workshops at the Holiday Inn, Lafayette
Saturday, 15 October:
Speakers and workshops, ABS business meeting, and plant/non-plant auction at the Holiday Inn, Lafayette;
evening banquet and an open-to-the-public presentation at <>The
Shadows on the Teche, New Iberia.
Sunday, 16 October:
Field trip to Jefferson Island, including tours of <>Rip Van Winkle
Gardens and <>Live Oak Gardens, with on-site presentations.

Contact: Andrew Ringle:

Elizabeth Edwards:

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