American Bamboo Society Auction 2015


In the past we have had an on-line auction in conjunction with the traditional auction. This year, the Annual Auction will be completely on-line. There will be photographs and descriptions of each item, a minimum bid in some cases, and a time period designated for the length of the bidding session.

When :

Non-plant items: Extended until November 6, 2015

Rare Bamboos and other items: October 10th thru 31st

These are the only fundraisers of the year for the American Bamboo Society! Normally this tradition takes place during the Annual Meeting, but this year we will be traveling to Mexico for the event, which makes the logistics of having an on-site auction more difficult.

STAY TUNED!   There will be some very unique treasures!

Winning bidder agrees to pay shipping. Full details will be on the website.

This will be a public auction – open to all – but there will be a $40 surcharge for those people who are not paid members of ABS (making them automatic members).  Or just join now at:

More information about the auction will be available soon at this link:

Thank you in advance for helping the ABS! We want to support bamboo research projects, and we need your donations to make that happen.


We are accepting donations for the auctions. The donors will receive the shipping costs from the winners then ship the items after the auction.

Please send information on the donated item to

Information on donating plants can be found at:

Non-Plant items will need a photo and a description.


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