Hawaii Chapter Annual Meeting


The meeting as usual will start at noon with a pot-luck and the elections will follow. I had hoped to schedule the meeting at Liliouokalani Gardens but since they do not pre-book the pavilion it is on first come first serve basis. If anyone is able to go early and hopefully snag it, let me know (phone 966-5080) or email: xarty@icloud.com

As a back-up I have booked the pavilion at Wailoa Park where we had it last year. If we can get the Liliuokalani pavilion a sign will be put up at the Wailoa pavilion telling of the change in meeting place and showing directions. Otherwise we will go following our business meeting and election. The meeting, as always will be a pot-luck starting at noon with elections to follow. Please come willing to volunteer and to provide input for programs for the coming year.

To get to the Wailoa Pavilion, from Volcano highway in Hilo turn onto Piilani street and turn right toward the parking area. Drive to the end and the pavilion is directly ahead and to your left. Look to see if there is a sign directing you to the other pavilion across the way. I will try to provide a map if I post a sign.

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