Big Bamboo Contest!!!

The ABS has expanded its Big Bamboo Contest to include gathering data on the size that the various large bamboos reach in each State. Here is the charge:

Measure the diameter of each bamboo species in your area that measures over 1 1/2 inches. Measure at about four feet above the ground.

Data for the ABS Big Bamboo Contest must be submitted on or before August 1, 2012 for inclusion in this years competition, and a report to be available at the annual meeting.

Send your list of species and sizes to: or mail it to : Frasier Bingham, 407 Lakeshore Drive, Bainbridge, Georgia 39819.

Lets make a go of this, Regards, Frasier

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One Response to Big Bamboo Contest!!!

  1. bambooblog says:

    The 2013 Big Bamboo Contest has the same details – please send info to Fraiser by October 1st, 2013.