World’s first bamboo carbon offset credits issued

Huge news! On February 15, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS website) made a landmark decision to certify an organization to issue carbon credits for planting bamboo. The Bamboo for Africa program received this accreditation for their mission to assist low-income African communities in generating an income by planting and harvesting bamboo at public schools, and on open government or tribal land. This decision has laid a precedent that opens up opportunities for bamboo initiatives worldwide and gives global credence to bamboos’ ability to sequester carbon.

The certification has catalyzed the development of a revised carbon accounting methodology for bamboo in a unified effort between INBAR, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University (ZAFU) and China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF) in order to ease the accreditation process for other organizations interested in getting paid to grow bamboo.

Watch a video on the Bamboo for Africa program:

Link to the article:

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