Big Bamboo Contest

American Bamboo Society

Who has the biggest bamboo? Do you?
Enter our contest and find out.

Entries must be received by August 1. Winners will be announced at the annual meeting of the American Bamboo Society in October. Prizes will be a Certificate of Achievement with you photographed with your big bamboo as part of the document.

The American Bamboo Society hascreated the Big Bamboo Contest to further its mission to promote bamboo. Our Contest is intended to increase public awareness of bamboo and to promote American bamboo research and industry.

Potential Value
The contest has the potential to generate valuable regional information. Which species grows best in a specific region? What are the best farming practices? Which clones within a species are biggest?

Bamboo grows wood faster than trees. Bamboo produces edible bamboo shoots every spring. Bamboo is evergreen and sequesters carbon year around. Its leaves are eaten by livestock; its groves provide habitat for wildlife. Bamboo is beautiful. It is a giant grass adapted to live with forests.

People have become aware of a few of the good qualities of bamboo.
Enter the contest so people will learn more.

Big Bamboo Entry Form

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