2011 ABS Auction

It is now to think about plants for the ABS auction this Fall at the National Meeting.  We will precede the ABS meeting with an online auction to allow people that cannot attend the meeting the chance to bid on plants. The donors can ship directly to the winners therefore donations for the National meeting need not be physically present at the Meeting. If you are attending, and would rather bring plants we will auction some on site.

The following information is what we’ll need for any donations for the on-line auction.

1) Photos of the actual plant or one of approximate size (Marked ‘Actual’ or ‘Approximate’) A ruler next to the plant will help the buyer judge the size. Photos or links to photos of the full-grown plant. These can be from the donor or bambooweb.info.  Photos can be any size and we will resize to fit on the auction site.
2) Information on the plant. If there is information on the species list it will also be included.
a) Shipping information and any restrictions on where and when you can ship.
b)Will the plant be at the live auction and if not the price to ship to the lower 48 states. If no price is given the shipping cost is assumed to be the actual cost of shipping.

3) Value of the plant. The starting bid will be based off of this value.
Contact information for questions.

To help the integrity of the auction an effort will be made to verify the identity of the plant from the photo or other information from the donor.
The information and photos should be submitted before September 17th to allow time to process the information and posting them to the auction site. Please try and donate early so there is not a big rush at the deadline. Please send the information to absauction@bambooweb.info

The auction plants will be viewable starting in September as donations come in. The web auction will then start on September 25th and run till October 8th, then it will conclude at the live auction on October 15th.

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