Work Party – Update

To all :
Please come help me clean up a <wild area> of three Phyllostachys that are running wild among white pines. Phyllostachys aureosulcata, iridescens and parvifolia are cruising beyond where I want them. It is a mess. No sugar coating : poison ivy and ticks live here too. I’ll provide drinks and snacks. Lots of other species to see. Happy to share what I have. Just bring sharp tools, proper footwear, and the will to help clean this up. We can grill, order pizzas, whatever.
If you want to camp, absolutely fine. Clean spring-fed pond nearby for cooling off!
Saturday & Sunday, August 19 & 20th, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 
Please RSVP so I have enough to drink and eat ! THANK YOU
Many thanks to Sonja Sheasley from Mashpee, MA who came to help me cut, clean and thin! It was tropical humidity, and we braved poison ivy through lots of sweat, but Sonja took home some great poles for a fence project, and my grove is much more attractive!
Thanks to Ned Newton who came from Westport, MA, too, bringing a nice potted Borinda yulongshanensis, which he generously gave to Sonja to try in her garden.  And last but not least, KUDOS to Zach Kashgagian, who came over from Bridgewater, MA and spent 4 hours helping me thin and clean!  I hope you don’t have too much poison ivy rash!  Zach was a trooper! We talked plants the whole time, working in the shade of the bamboo canopy.
Today I am expecting Anthony Poveromo from Amenia, New York! He is a monster in the grove!
Later, we will take a load of bamboo browse over to Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford to feed the two elephants living there, Emily and Ruth!
Tomorrow, August 21, we host the Refugee Artisans of Worcester. From Nepal, Sikkim, Thailand, and Vietnam, these artisans have a hard time finding bamboo here in Massachusetts for their traditional crafts. Weavers and carvers, they settle for my  Phyllostachys, although it is not their genus from home. We will have David Chin-fei Wang from Bamboo Bicycles Beijing  to talk about making bamboo bicycles.
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