Winter hardiness report from Ned Newton

Winter Status of Bamboo at the Newton’s – Westport, Massachusetts

October 2014    vs.  Comments under plant name, June 2015

Strikethrough means removing it from collection or death.

Name                                          Oct 2014 size     Current Condition          Location

1. Borinda angustissma                       4’                     excellent         Indoors

Not affected, indoors

2. Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’           8’                     excellent         Fish Pond

Much die back of all culms but essentially all back together now.

3. Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’           8’                     excellent         Behind fish pond

(with narrow leaves, Gansu 95-2?)

Full die back of all culms. Little come back in 2014 but a little more 2015.

4. Fargesia robusta                              9’                     excellent         Entrance Duck Pen

Full die back of all culms. 2014 a feathery ring of 30” culms. 2015 a small come back of regular culms.

5. Fargesia nitida ‘Eisenach’               16”              seedlings        in nursery (2008) NW Bed

Struggling but hanging in there.

6. Fargesia nitida ‘Jiuzhaigou’            4’                     good               Front, toward North

Not too bad. Little losses to top of some culms. Now over 6’ tall. Needs thinning out.

7. Fargesia nitida ‘Jiuzhaigou’            6”                    new, wispy    in nursery N Bed center (2010)                                 Willamett #9 May be #9??



8. Fargesia nitida ‘Ems River’            4″          seedlings        1 left nursery N Bed west

(Whitney ’10) 1 died 5-4-12

9. Fargesia nitida ‘Jiuzhaigou’ I          4’                     good               nursery, N Bed east

20% die back but recovering slowly. Slow growth.

10. Fargesia denudata                          8’                     excellent         Behind fish pond

2014 had 20% die back. 2015 had 10% die back. After some trimming, it should look fine.

11. Hibanobambusa tranquillans ‘Shiroshima’     6’     good               Driveway & Bird Bldg.

Old culms both 2014 and 2015 not pretty. Cut to ground and new ones looked fine 2014. 2015 it is taking some time. “clump” is spreading widely now.

12. Pseudosasa japonica‘Tsutsumiana’               7’                     good             Mikado Pen

2015 full die back. Only tiny little culms visible now, June 2015.

13. Sasa palmate f. nebulosa                 4’                     good               Driveway myrtle

Cut old culms to ground. Spreading mightily, mowing to eliminate future problems.

14.  Indocalamus tessellatus                   2’                     poor               Golden Pen

Struggling poorly. Not the bamboo’s fault; very dry location.

 15. Indocalamus solidus                        3’                     good               Driveway myrtle

Cut old culms to ground. Spreading mightily, mowing to eliminate future problems.

 16.  Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’ 8’/0              gone       Field, dug out May 2012&13

 17. Phyllostachys aureosulcata              25’/0        3rd cutting      Duck & Swinhoe Pens

Cut out fall 2011   Still many 4’ culms to be re-cut .

 18. Phyll. aureosulcata -Aureocaulis-  22’/0          3rd cutting    Reeve’s Pen, cut down 6/12

Still a great many wispy culms to be re-cut.

19. Phyllostachys aureosulcata  ‘Spectabilis’          24’            excellent         Driveway

5% die back by spring 2015. Doing well.

20. Phyllostachys nigra                         10’                   good               Fireback Pen

Considerable die back, very little if any left. Some 12” or less culms.

 21. Phyllostachys parvifolia                  24’                   excellent         across from Peonies

Back hoe dug out most all, fall 2014. Some sneaking up along periphery.

 22. Pleioblastus distichus ‘Mini’            12”/0              invasive, trying to remove @ Deck

Still trying to remove.

23. Pleioblastus viridi striatus               16”                  excellent         Driveway

Culms not over wintering. Cut to ground and up it comes next year.

24. Pleioblastus viridi striatus Chrysophylla 16”     excellent         Driveway myrtle

Cut old culms to ground. Spreading mightily, mowing to eliminate future problems.

The winter of 2014-2015 was bitter cold with no snow cover until the end of January. The minimum temperature at our house was – 5 deg. F. This is colder than I have seen since living there since 1999. This occurred at night with no snow cover. After mid-January the snow came, and we had significant cover for the balance of the winter.

The winter of 2013-2014 had a minimum temperature of 5 deg. F. However, there was much high wind and very little snow cover. A very hard winter for plants.

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