2014 Greetings!

I suspect you are much like me in feeling like this winter has been a real bruiser.  Today the sun is shining brightly here and the icicles are melting, and I can only hope that by the end of the weekend, the snow will be gone. We have had snowfall followed by snowfall, and it will indeed be a treat to see green grass some day.   ABS President James Clever has urged some pro-active out-reach, as our Chapter has been sleeping awhile, so I decided to take a few minutes and write to you today.
Have you renewed your membership in ABS?  If not, please do!  www.bamboo.org
Thank you so very much your continued support of ABS.  Like all non-profits, especially those administered by volunteers, our organization depends on membership dues. Paying dues means you care about the ABS and you care about bamboo.
Hey, Scott and Steph – what’s up?   Last year (June) we had a great time in the Phyllostachys groves of Larry Holland’s East West Farm in Amenia, NY — under the crackin’ whip of Dolores’ son, Anthony Poveromo.  We all like the suggestion of having “mini-meetings” (which in fact is all we have had for years due to poor attendance), so now it is time to START PLANNING these.  Hope one or two or three of you will step up and organize something ?   Please!  I’d like to say come here to Plymouth and help me with some of my thinning, but I just booked a trip to China that will take most of the month of March.  But maybe in April we could make a plan.   Please step up and help something happen for the NEC.
We no longer publish a NEC newsletter because of the expense of printing and postage, and because I got tired of doing all the work.  So please, share some thoughts, some pics, some stories, and we will all enjoy it.
News:  Dave Flanagan is working on a bamboo sculpture to be erected in Manhattan NEXT WEEK.   I think it is in Bryant Park?  Artist is the reknown Benjamin Tritt.  See: http://installationatbryantpark.com/
I just wrote an article about the nomenclature of Fargesia dracocephala‘Rufa’ for the ABS magazine, BAMBOO.  It should be in the next issue.  I had lots of help from taxonomist Chris Stapleton and nursery manager Noah Bell of Bamboo Garden, so hopefully it is helpful and clarifies some issues.
The state of Connecticut continues its ridiculous tirade of banning the planting of running bamboos, following some New York municipalities.  Holly Johnson, past-president of the CT Nurseryman’s Association and manager of Summerhill Nursery in Madison, CT testified yesterday in Hartford on behalf of the nursery industry.  Unfortunately the mis-informed irrational bamboo-haters are loud and obnoxious, pushing legislators to pass such bans.
What else is going on?  Please share your news!
Again, please re-new your membership dues, please post on the NEC page of the ABS website, and participate.  The ABS Facebook page is busy — JOIN — and we also have a LinkedIn page!
Let’s hope Spring comes soon.  <photo is Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’ GREEN PANDA in my garden, Feb 2014>
Thanks – and best wishes,
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