Bamboo available – come and DIG IT

I have what is now a small stand of Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’, eight 9 foot culms, in our field.
However, I have decided not to let it go or to dig up a barrier for it.
So, …do you know anyone who would be interested in coming and digging it up?
I am not in a rush if I know someone is interested.  I bought the first plant from you I think 3 or 4 years ago, and it (as is usual for bamboo) took a few years to get going.  Last year it starting to look neat.  I suspect that there will be twice the culms this spring.  It is in a great place to have a nice big stand and I can just picture it,…but you can not have everything, or do everything….
Contact Ned Newton.  His email is :
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