Compost Tea

I bought Erath Earth Compost Tea over the Internet. It lists the ingredients as liquid compost, liquid humate, orange oil and molasses. I mixed up two gallons at a time and sprayed one gallon on each of my research plots. I drenched a small circle around each pole, especially the ones that came up this year thinking that that is where the roots are and where it would do the most good. In Bonaire I sprayed  the Robert Young, Japanese timber, moso, henon and Houzeau.  Earlier I had sprayed in Fort Valley the Robert Young, Vivax aureocaulis, Henon and praecox. I was able to spray there because there is irrigation. With the soil moist from irrigation, it is more likely that the microbes in the tea would survive. I had waited a month for there to have been some rain. There is no way that I can measure in leaf color or shoot production whether this exercise did some good.

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