Bamboo Arts and Craft 2016 Winners

Biennial Award. 2016 Awards

Paulina Hermansen

ABS Arts & Craft Coordinator

We had 16 applications to the Arts and Crafts contest. We had a great International impact this year, we had 8 country submissions: Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, and the USA. Six US states: Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, NY, Ohio, and California made submissions.

This years jurors were: Charissa Brock (Past Arts & Craft Coordinator, Anthony Sheffler (Past winner), Gerard Minakawa- Artist

The contest had 3 categories: Craft, Sculpture/Installation, and Social Design. We had a great variety of work submitted. We have $1500 assigned towards awards.

Here are the 3 winners in each category that will be receiving $500 each.

Norine Kevolic – Craft Category ( USA)

Norine Kevolic was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1952. She has been independently exploring the use of wood and bamboo in mosaic design for over 20 years. She enjoys delving into abstract ideas like dreams, peace, enlightenment, and space, and transforming them into tangible artifacts. By using natural elements to respond to the world around her, she has produced an extensive body of work in the mediums of wood & bamboo, silverpoint drawing, and painting. She lives and works in New Hope, Bucks County, PA where she has resided for over 25 years.


Jaime Pena – Sculpture/ Installation Category (Colombia)

Jaime Alberto Peña Arias creative director and principal of Mixed Architecture, architecture studio workshop using natural materials, where Guadua Angustifolia Khunt is a representative material in our work, Arquitectura Mixta is presented as a center of green building and permaculture, where the transfer and exchange of knowledge, applied research, human development, guide our goal.


Akasa Minh- Social Design Category (Vietnam)

We, and young architects and students with local minority man, had worked together by recreating a simple constructional joint of bamboo with a new concept of contemporary requirements. A space for art and performance was built up in the small property of the MUONG minority museum, a unique private museum in Hoa Binh city 80 kilometers to the west of Hanoi. The main idea highlights the hidden values of bamboo, which is an easy way to build using hands only.


The quality of applications was very high. As a result we recommended Honorable Mentions for the following applicants (no cash award)

Honorable Mentions:

 Hung Lee (Taiwan)

Guillermo Mortera – Social Design (Mexico)

Tadashi Takanami – Craft ( Japan)

Mariha Moreira – Social Design (Brazil)

Kathy Bruce – Sculpture (USA)

Leonardo Musgrave – Craft ( USA)

Christopher Staino- USA

Daniel Patchin -USA

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