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Applications for the 2015/2016 competition cycle are now closed.

The American Bamboo Society seeks applicants for awards totaling $1,400 for use of bamboo in artwork. Deadline was July 15th, 2016. 


2016 American Bamboo Society Arts & Crafts Competition

                              Award Information and Application Guidelines

Application Period:

Now through July 15, 2016

General Information and Eligibility Requirements:

The American Bamboo Society seeks applicants for awards totaling $1,400. Possible award categories are “Celebrating bamboo’s personality”, “Bamboo as a design motif”, or “New and innovative work using bamboo.” Artists working in any art or craft may apply: crafts, fine art, design, literature, and performing arts.

Award recipients and award amounts will be determined by a review panel based on artistic excellence, accomplishment to date, and the promise of future achievement in bamboo. Each applicant will receive a digital copy of Bamboo, the ABS magazine for one year.

Who May Apply:

Anyone living in or outside of the U.S.

Eligible Work:

Crafts, Fine art, Design, Literature, and Performing Arts.

Examples of Non-Eligible Work:

Any industrially mass-produced item is not eligible.         Applicants who have won an award, cash or honorable mention in the last two years are not eligible. 

Recipient Responsibilities:

When the award recipient participates in public activities with the funded work (performances, exhibitions, etc.) the recipient shall give credit to the American Bamboo Society with the following credit line: “This project is supported by the American Bamboo Society.”

By August 1st, 2016 award recipients are required to write a short statement describing how the award impacted her/his continued work efforts with bamboo. This report will include photo documentation. This statement will be read at the annual meeting of the American Bamboo Society in the fall of 2016 and published in the magazine, Bamboo, and on the ABS Web site.

Although not required recipients are asked to submit a small article for our monthly magazine, “Bamboo”, about their work.

Online Application Information:

A completed application consists of the following information & files:

Applicant Profile:

Name, mailing address, phone number, website, and email address.

A two-page résumé:

This should pertain to any art or bamboo-related work done.

Project Description:

No more than a one-page description of the proposed project or the body of work the applicant wishes to extend. Be sure to describe how and why you chose bamboo.

Work Samples:

Five to 15 JPEG photos approximately the size of 4” x 6” at 300 dpi. Images must be JPEG files with the .jpg extension. Please put a title on each file with your last name and the title of each piece. Do not send original artworks.

Performing Arts entries may send video or audio recordings.

Work information page:

Text descriptors for each image: Title, Year Completed, Medium, and Dimensions. Performance art entries information should include Title, Year Completed, and a short explanation of pieces.

A short bio:

1,000 words maximum. In the case of an award, this bio will be published.

Artist Statement:

(One page maximum) the purpose of the statement is to give the review panel a better understanding of your work, while they are viewing it. Your statement should be clear, concise and relate to the work samples you submit.

Support materials:

You may include any articles. These must relate to your bamboo/artwork.

Please include in your submission how  you heard about the competition.
Please submit your digital application to:

ABS Arts & Crafts Coordinator:

Paulina Hermansen

If you need to submit a paper application please contact Paulina to get a physical address

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