Bamboo Arts and Craft 2016 Winners

Biennial Award. 2016 Awards

Paulina Hermansen

ABS Arts & Craft Coordinator

We had 16 applications to the Arts and Crafts contest. We had a great International impact this year, we had 8 country submissions: Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, and the USA. Six US states: Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, NY, Ohio, and California made submissions.

This years jurors were: Charissa Brock (Past Arts & Craft Coordinator, Anthony Sheffler (Past winner), Gerard Minakawa- Artist

The contest had 3 categories: Craft, Sculpture/Installation, and Social Design. We had a great variety of work submitted. We have $1500 assigned towards awards.

Here are the 3 winners in each category that will be receiving $500 each.

Norine Kevolic – Craft Category ( USA)

Norine Kevolic was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1952. She has been independently exploring the use of wood and bamboo in mosaic design for over 20 years. She enjoys delving into abstract ideas like dreams, peace, enlightenment, and space, and transforming them into tangible artifacts. By using natural elements to respond to the world around her, she has produced an extensive body of work in the mediums of wood & bamboo, silverpoint drawing, and painting. She lives and works in New Hope, Bucks County, PA where she has resided for over 25 years.


Jaime Pena – Sculpture/ Installation Category (Colombia)

Jaime Alberto Peña Arias creative director and principal of Mixed Architecture, architecture studio workshop using natural materials, where Guadua Angustifolia Khunt is a representative material in our work, Arquitectura Mixta is presented as a center of green building and permaculture, where the transfer and exchange of knowledge, applied research, human development, guide our goal.


Akasa Minh- Social Design Category (Vietnam)

We, and young architects and students with local minority man, had worked together by recreating a simple constructional joint of bamboo with a new concept of contemporary requirements. A space for art and performance was built up in the small property of the MUONG minority museum, a unique private museum in Hoa Binh city 80 kilometers to the west of Hanoi. The main idea highlights the hidden values of bamboo, which is an easy way to build using hands only.


The quality of applications was very high. As a result we recommended Honorable Mentions for the following applicants (no cash award)

Honorable Mentions:

 Hung Lee (Taiwan)

Guillermo Mortera – Social Design (Mexico)

Tadashi Takanami – Craft ( Japan)

Mariha Moreira – Social Design (Brazil)

Kathy Bruce – Sculpture (USA)

Leonardo Musgrave – Craft ( USA)

Christopher Staino- USA

Daniel Patchin -USA

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2016 Bamboo Arts and Craft Competition


Cash Awards

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Application information


Applications for the 2015/2016 competition cycle are now closed.

The American Bamboo Society seeks applicants for awards totaling $1,400 for use of bamboo in artwork. Deadline was July 15th, 2016. 


2016 American Bamboo Society Arts & Crafts Competition

                              Award Information and Application Guidelines

Application Period:

Now through July 15, 2016

General Information and Eligibility Requirements:

The American Bamboo Society seeks applicants for awards totaling $1,400. Possible award categories are “Celebrating bamboo’s personality”, “Bamboo as a design motif”, or “New and innovative work using bamboo.” Artists working in any art or craft may apply: crafts, fine art, design, literature, and performing arts.

Award recipients and award amounts will be determined by a review panel based on artistic excellence, accomplishment to date, and the promise of future achievement in bamboo. Each applicant will receive a digital copy of Bamboo, the ABS magazine for one year.

Who May Apply:

Anyone living in or outside of the U.S.

Eligible Work:

Crafts, Fine art, Design, Literature, and Performing Arts.

Examples of Non-Eligible Work:

Any industrially mass-produced item is not eligible.         Applicants who have won an award, cash or honorable mention in the last two years are not eligible. 

Recipient Responsibilities:

When the award recipient participates in public activities with the funded work (performances, exhibitions, etc.) the recipient shall give credit to the American Bamboo Society with the following credit line: “This project is supported by the American Bamboo Society.”

By August 1st, 2016 award recipients are required to write a short statement describing how the award impacted her/his continued work efforts with bamboo. This report will include photo documentation. This statement will be read at the annual meeting of the American Bamboo Society in the fall of 2016 and published in the magazine, Bamboo, and on the ABS Web site.

Although not required recipients are asked to submit a small article for our monthly magazine, “Bamboo”, about their work.

Online Application Information:

A completed application consists of the following information & files:

Applicant Profile:

Name, mailing address, phone number, website, and email address.

A two-page résumé:

This should pertain to any art or bamboo-related work done.

Project Description:

No more than a one-page description of the proposed project or the body of work the applicant wishes to extend. Be sure to describe how and why you chose bamboo.

Work Samples:

Five to 15 JPEG photos approximately the size of 4” x 6” at 300 dpi. Images must be JPEG files with the .jpg extension. Please put a title on each file with your last name and the title of each piece. Do not send original artworks.

Performing Arts entries may send video or audio recordings.

Work information page:

Text descriptors for each image: Title, Year Completed, Medium, and Dimensions. Performance art entries information should include Title, Year Completed, and a short explanation of pieces.

A short bio:

1,000 words maximum. In the case of an award, this bio will be published.

Artist Statement:

(One page maximum) the purpose of the statement is to give the review panel a better understanding of your work, while they are viewing it. Your statement should be clear, concise and relate to the work samples you submit.

Support materials:

You may include any articles. These must relate to your bamboo/artwork.

Please include in your submission how  you heard about the competition.
Please submit your digital application to:

ABS Arts & Crafts Coordinator:

Paulina Hermansen

If you need to submit a paper application please contact Paulina to get a physical address

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2014 American Bamboo Society Arts and Crafts Awards

American Bamboo Society
2014 Arts and Crafts Awards
By Charissa Brock
This year there were 11 entries from two countries.
1st place Anthony Scheffler $1000
2nd place Michael Kanner $450
3rd place Melinda Ramos $250
4th place Richard Kroll $100
5th place Helen Heibert $100
The jurors were selected from a pool of practicing professional artists and past award winners. Please see more about the jurors at the bottom of this article.
Honorable Mention Helen Heibert $100
The Wish is a permanent interactive and multi-sensory art installation created by paper artist Helen Hiebert, installed at Anythink Huron Street library in Denver, Colorado. The Wish features a seven foot diameter dandelion sculpture made of 300 handcrafted paper seeds, representing the wishes of individuals from the Anythink Huron Street community and around the globe. The Wish is suspended from the ceiling and is made of paper disks ranging in size from 6” to 8” in diameter. Each disk is connected to a 3’ long bamboo stake, and each stake is inserted into a hole in a central wooden core. Bamboo was the perfect material for this project, because of its long thin length, its rigidity, and the fact that the stakes are hollow. Each paper disk is connected to a stake with a brass pin which pierces the paper and is inserted into the hollow stake with a bit of museum putty to hold it in place.

#1 The Wish #2 The Wish #3 The Wish #4 The Wish #5 The Wish #6 The Wish
Honorable Mention Richard Kroll $100
“I believe that the structure and beauty of bamboo canes produce unique and attractive writing instruments. The nodes naturally form a decorative top, while the epidermis ages with use to a fine patina. The hollow of the internode provides a convenient starter for the pen mechanism channel.”

kroll2757 kroll2701 kroll2720 kroll2725 kroll2728
3rd place Melinda Ramos $250
Melinda primarily constructs boxes, vessels, and sculptures. The artist enjoys juxtaposing earthy aesthetics with colorful accents adding excitement to the natural woods used. She often incorporates bamboo and bamboo slices into her work which accentuates the Asian influence seen in her work.

Ramos Older Work (3) Ramos Older Work Ramos Wedding Box (3) Ramos Wedding Box 6 x 4.5 x 5.5 Ramos Jewelry Box 10.75 x 7.5 x 7.5
2nd place Michael Kanner $450
Michael Kanner has been making and playing flutes since 1974 when he learned the art of shakuhachi with Monty Levenson.He has given workshops with Paul Horn and Al Huang at Esalen Institute in Big Sur,Ca. He is a Spectra artist with the Cultural Council in Santa Cruz County and teaches flute making to children in the schools as well as craft fairs and libraries in Hawaii and the U.S.He has been a programmer of world music at KUSP FM for30 years.
He is a member of the American Bamboo Society.

1st place Anthony Scheffler $1000
I am proposing, with the help of the American Bamboo Society, to continue to explore the use of bamboo in the creation of fine craft forms. Funds awarded by the American Bamboo Society will be used to obtain a variety of bamboos needed to extent my current series of contemporary bamboo vessels, including contemporary styled teapots and cremation urns.

Tall Tea (1), 2012, Bamboo, 22.5x7x2, Scheffler Sacred Tea (2), 2012, Bamboo, 9x6.5x4, Scheffler ??????????????????????????????????????? GreenTea (2), 2011, Bamboo, 13x4x2.5, Scheffler Eastern Gift-Small, 2012, Bamboo&Bloodwood, 4x3.5x3.5, Scheffler Eastern Gift-Large, 2012, Bamboo&Spaltedwood, 5x8x3.5, Scheffler
This Years Jurors:

 Jiro Yonezawa

Born in Japan, Yonezawa takes traditional Japanese basket weaving into the realm of modern art. He studied bamboo crafts at Beppu Vocational Arts Training Center-Bamboo Craft, Beppu City, Oita Prefecuture, Japan. He was assisted by his wife Kate in the jurying process.

Anne Crumpacker holds an MFA in the Applied Craft and Design from Oregon College of Art and Craft + Pacific Northwest College of Art. She received an American Bamboo Society 2012 Arts and Crafts Award.
Brenda Mallory received her BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art She has received numerious grants including one from the Oregon Arts Commission and the Ford Family Foundation. Her mixed media work consists of individual sculptures to large-scale installations.

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2012 American Bamboo Society Arts and Crafts Winners

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The History of the ABS Arts and Crafts Award

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