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ABS Membership Info, Online Application & Chapter Information Join the ABS today!

American Bamboo Society Membership InformationWhat's included in your ABS Membership...

abs american bamboo society membership join

Membership in the American Bamboo Society and one ABS Chapter is for 12 months from when you join and includes a subscription to the Bamboo Magazine, the ABS Species Source List, internet access to all of the publications, and an opportunity to be listed in the ABS Species Source List. Starting in 2017, the Bamboo Magazine will be published quarterly (4 times per year). You can choose to have a digital membership or a print membership. With a print membership the Bamboo Magazine will be mailed to you. The Digital Membership lets you conserve resources by downloading the publications from the internet. The digital publications are full color and are available about two weeks before the printed versions. Print memberships also get the digital color version for free. The print version is not in full color. You can download a sample issue for free. If you have specific questions about membership or renewal that are not answered here, please e-mail us, or contact your local chapter.

Membership category † Membership Fee (Digital) Membership Fee (Print)
Individual (Joint) (US) $40 (usd) Annual $50 (usd) Annual
3-Year (Joint) (US) $110 (usd) $140 (usd)
International Membership from outside U.S. (ABS only) $40 (usd) Annual $55 (usd) Annual
Patron (Joint) (US) $120 (usd) Annual $130 (usd) Annual
Supporting (Joint) (US) $60 (usd) Annual $70 (usd) Annual
Add'l Local Chapter Membership(s) $15 (usd) Annual $15 (usd) Annual
National Lifetime Membership (ABS only) $600 (usd) $800 (usd)
(some local chapters offer lifetime memberships as well)    

†Membership category note:
* (Joint) means membership in the National ABS and one chapter.
* (ABS only) means membership does not include a chapter.
* (US) means within the United States.

The easiest and quickest way to join the American Bamboo Society is to complete the following online membership form.
If you prefer to pay via mail print this membership form.

Online Membership Form/Join the American Bamboo SocietyPlease fill out completely

abs american bamboo society membership join

Make your selections for membership type, duration and the main chapter you'd like to participate in. You may select additional chapters but note that each additional chapter is $15 a year more. When you've made your selection, click on the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page and you'll be taken to the PayPal web site. There you will provide your name, address and credit card information. The ABS does not receive your credit card information, only your name, address and how much you've paid, so there is no danger your card information will be misused. You may use either the on-line membership form if you are paying by credit card or print a PDF form here that you can fill-in. Please contact your local chapter if you wish to mail your form. We do encourage you to use the online form to facilitate faster processing.

All memberships are processed monthly by American Bamboo Society Volunteers, so please allow 4 to 5 weeks for processing.

This Application is for a:

New Membership
Gift Membership (we will notify the recipient)

Digital Publications (You can conserve resources and download the publications from the internet) - Digital Publications: Downoad a demo issue here.
Check this box if you DO NOT want to be included in the ABS Annual Membership Listing.

Annual: $40 Digital, $50 Print - Includes a 1-year Primary Chapterfor United States Members; Additional Chapters are $15.00/year each
3-Year: $110 Digital, $140 Print - Includes 3-year Primary Chapter for United States Members; additional chapters: $40 each for the 3-year period
Lifetime: $600 Digital, $800 Print - Includes ABS Membership only
Supporting: $60 Digital, $70 Print - Includes a 1-year Primary Chapter Membership
Patron: $120 Digital, $130 Print (tax-deductible) - Includes a 1-year Chapter Membership
International: $40 Digital, $55 Print (outside the United States; no Chapter Included)

Each year's membership includes:

  • Updates of news and events from your primary chapter (and those of any additional chapters you join)
  • 4 issues of Bamboo: The Magazine of the American Bamboo Society
  • A digital link to the Journal of the American Bamboo Society
  • The ABS Bamboo Source List
Choose your Primary Chapter Membership, and any Additional Chapter Memberships:
Florida Caribbean Chapter
Hawaii Chapter
Louisiana-Gulf Coast Chapter
Mid-States Chapter
Northeast Chapter
Northern California Chapter
Pacific Northwest Chapter
Southeast Chapter
Southern California Chapter
Texas Bamboo Society Chapter

Please enter your name, mailing address, city, state, zipcode and email address in the box.
If this is a Gift or you are using a paypal or credit card in someone else's name:

Enter recipient's, name, mailing address and email address in the box.
(Please add your address if using US credit card and recipient is from outside the US.)

Phone Number:

Membership ID if renewal: (optional but will make sure your membership is credited)

(If 0 make sure you selected "New Member"/"Renewal"/"Gift")


ABS Local Chapter Locations & Contact InformationWe have a Local Chapter in your area...

abs american bamboo society membership join

Local Chapter Contact Person Web (link) E-Mail
Florida Caribbean Chapter Position Open Web (mail)
Hawaii Chapter Norm Bezona Web (mail)
Louisiana Gulf Coast Chapter Judge Edwards Web (mail)
Midstates Chapter Daniel Fox n/a (mail)
Northeast Chapter Susanne Lucas Blog (mail)
Northern California Chapter David King Web (mail)
Pacific Northwest Chapter Ian Connor Blog (mail)
Southeast Chapter Kristen Comstock Web (mail)
Southern California Chapter Adam Graves Web (mail)
Texas Bamboo Society Harry Simmons Web (mail)

The above listed Chapters are the only ones recognized by the ABS Board of Directors. The Board has the ultimate authority to approve or disapprove applicant groups as ABS Chapters, in accordance with guidelines set forth in the ABS Bylaws. Groups or organizations not on the above list which claim to be ABS Chapters are doing so fraudulently. Any claim of nonprofit tax-exempt status by such groups is invalid unless they have obtained such status independently.

From Our President

quote   BAMBOO
Bamboo is useful.
It is beautiful.
It is strong and it is flexible.
It has potentials far beyond property lines and control issues."

By: Susanne Lucas, November 2015

Bamboo Invasiveness and Control Statement


How your donations support the ABS

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