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About The ABS

Who We Are, Our Mission, Board of Directors, Officers & Others All about the American Bamboo Society (ABS)

Who We AreAmerican Bamboo Society History...

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The American Bamboo Society (ABS) was formed in 1979 and became incorporated in the state of California in 1981. Today we have about 500 members living throughout the U.S. and in 37 other countries. The ABS issues a quarterly magazine, BAMBOO, and the Journal of the American Bamboo Society, which is issued digitally at various times. We sponsor lectures, conferences, tours and plant sales in the chapter areas. Chapters maintain bamboo libraries, distribute publications and donate plants to public gardens. Although bamboo seed is rare, we distribute seed to members when it is available. Since 1980, the ABS has successfully introduced many new species of bamboo to the U.S. We are a member of the World Bamboo Organization, an association of bamboo societies throughout the world, which sponsors an international bamboo conference every three years.

Download/View/Print ABS Bylaws (pdf format).


The ABS MissionAmerican Bamboo Society Objectives and Purposes...

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 1. To provide a source of information on the identification, propagation, utilization, culture and appreciation of bamboos. To disseminate and store this information, the Society maintains a library of references and publishes a Journal and a Magazine.
2. To promote the utilization of a group of desirable species by development of stocks of plants for distribution to botanical gardens and introduction to the general public.
3. To preserve and increase the number of bamboo species in the United States.
4. To plant and maintain bamboo gardens to display the characteristic beauty of mature plants and to provide plant material for research in the taxonomy, propagation and culture of as large a number of species as possible.
5. To support bamboo research in the field and to establish whatever facilities are deemed necessary to carry out the research projects approved by the Directors.


Our ABS LeadershipBoard of Directors, Elected Officers and Others...

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Current Board of Directors
Representing Name Term E-mail
At Large Andrew Linn 11/2019 Here
At Large Bill Hollenback 11/2018 Here
At Large Hunter Vickers 11/2020 Here
International Rep. Luc Boeraeve 11/2018 Here
Florida-Carribean Chapter Position Open Pending Chapter Election Here
Hawaii Chapter Chapter Liaison Here
Louisiana Gulf Coast Chapter W. P. Edwards, III 11/2018 Here
Mid-States Chapter Chapter Liaison Here
Northeast Chapter Susanne Lucas 11/2017 Here
N. California Chapter David King 11/2017 Here
Pacific Northwest Chapter Ian Connor 11/2018 Here
Southeast Chapter Kristen Comstock 11/2019 Here
Southern California Chapter Adam Graves 11/2019 Here
Texas Bamboo Society Harry Simmons 11/2018 Here


Current Officers
Position Name Representing E-mail
President Bill Hollenback Pacific Northwest Chapter Here
VP Adam Graves Southern California Chapter Here
Treasurer Jenn Hollenback Pacific Northwest Chapter Here
Secretary David King Northern California Chapter Here
Additional Positions
Advertising Ian Connor Pacific Northwest Chapter Here
Arts & Crafts Coordinator Paulina Hermansen Southern California Chapter Here
BOTA Eduardo Ruiz-Sanchez Bamboo of the Americas Here
Journal Editor Chris Stapleton, Committee Head International Here
Magazine Editor Don Shor N. California Chapter Here
Magazine Publisher Michael Bartholomew Northeast Chapter Here
Membership Harry Simmons Texas Bamboo Society Chapter Here
Source List Editors Bill Hollenback, Ted Jordan Meredith
And Noah Bell
Pacific Northwest Chapter Here
Species List Editor Chris Stapleton International Here
Web Site Editor Carole Meckes Texas Bamboo Society Chapter Here
World BambooSusanne Lucas, Liaison World Bamboo Here



From Our President

quote   BAMBOO
Bamboo is useful.
It is beautiful.
It is strong and it is flexible.
It has potentials far beyond property lines and control issues."

By: Susanne Lucas, November 2015

Bamboo Invasiveness and Control Statement


How your donations support the ABS

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