Mexican Bamboo Association (AMEB)
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(Asociación Mexicana Del Bambú)

The Mexican Bamboo Association (AMEB) it is an organization that groups everybody involved, directly or indirectly, with the bamboo plant; whether in scientific, professional, technical or educational activities. It is created in order to obtain a much greater exchange of ideas among its members.

It is a network committed to the research, diffusion, use and preservation of bamboo. It is promote academic and technique links with national and international institutions or networks in each and every aspect related with the bamboo plants.

The Goals

The Activities

The AMEB promotes different actions among its associates such as:

Board of Directors

CHAIRMAN. Gilberto R. Cortés Rodríguez.- Degree in Biology, Veracruz University. He has studied Mexican bamboos for 16 years and written various publications about native Mexican bamboos. He has taken part in conferences and meetings on bamboo in Mexico and overseas.

SECRETARY. Alfonso Rangel Rodríguez.- He has been devoted to bamboo craftsmanship for several years. He is the creator of the discussions group called "bambuotatea" and he has collected an extensive information file and many documents regarding bamboo.

TREASURER. Raúl Pérez Jiménez. Agronomist Engineer for the Guadalajara University. He is in charge of a Bamboo plantation in the coast of Jalisco. In 2001 he attended the course on bamboo spreading and harvest in Peoples Republic of China.

VOTER. Elda Ma. Webb.- She is studying architecture at the ITESM campus in Monterrey. She has an interest in bamboo and its purposes and use in construction.

The Mexican Bamboo Association has 35 members with different interests in bamboo.

Contact in Mexico:

GILBERTO CORTES - President, Mexican Bamboo Association

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