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Thank you for your interest in placing an ad in BAMBOO, the magazine of the American Bamboo Society. On behalf of the ABS we thank you for your participation in our organization. Placing an ad is a wonderful way to participate in the society and reach many readers with similar interests. You must be a member of the ABS to place your ad. All you need to do is send a business card along with a check made out to the ABS in the amount of $100.00 for an annual advertisement appearing in six issues. Or you can advertise in one issue for $20.00 per issue. You save $20.00 by placing an annual ad.

If you aren't a member but want to advertise, you can become a member and place an ad at the same time by sending your business card and $140.00 to the ABS treasurer. $40.00 takes care of your annual membership and the additional money takes care of your ad. Send your check and business card to:

Sue Turtle - ABS Treasurer
30 Myers Road
Summertown, TN 38483-7323

Sue will send you a receipt of payment and forward your card to Nancy Lubas for immediate placement in the magazine.

Ads are limited to business-card size.

If you wish to send your ad electronically, the resolution of the image should be 300 dpi. You first send your check to Sue Turtle with a letter explaining that you will send the ad copy electronically. She will forward this information to Nancy Lubas. Nancy will contact with you with specific instructions.

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