Web Browser Upgrades
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The latest version of the popular browsers will display the contents of this site more accurately and attractively.

If you have an older browser, and aren't constrained by hardware limitations, then I encourage you to download and use a more recent version of your favorite browser (or even dabble in a broswer you might not have used before.)

The most recent versions of the popular browsers can be found at these locations:

  UNIX Macintosh Windows
Netscape Navigator Navigator Navigator
Mozilla.org Mozilla Mozilla Mozilla
Mozilla.org Firefox Firefox Firefox
Apple   Safari  
Microsoft   Internet Explorer
Opera Opera Opera Opera
OmniGroup   OmniWeb  
Lynx.org Lynx Lynx Lynx
Camino.org   Camino  
Stilesoft     NetCaptive
Konqueror.org Konqueror Konqueror
(using KDE)


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