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Mr Peter Bindon
P. O. Box 557
Yass, NSW 2582
Tel: 61 2 6226 2132
Fax: 61 2 6226 4253
Mr Victor Cusack
Bamboo World
Murwillumbah Road
Wadeville, NSW 2474
Mr Durnford L. Dart
Belli Bamboo Parkland
MS 330 Kenilworth Road
Belli Park Via Eumundi
Queensland 4562
Tel and Fax: 61 74 47 0299
Mr Heinz Mauitz
Thora Bamboo Gardens
Little North Arm Rd
Thora 2454 NSW
Tel: 61 2 66 558634
Hans Erken - Earthcare Enterprises - Farm & Nursery
Bamboos, Aquatic Food Plants, Tropical Root Crops
Spices and Medicinals of the Ginger Family
PO Box 500
Maleny, Queensland 4552
Tel: 07 54944666
Sandra Wilson
Bamboo Culture
Post Office Box 72
Denmark, Western Australia 6333
Bamboo Land
7 Old Coach Rd
Howard 4659 QLD
Tel: 07 41294470
Fax: 07 41290130
Mr Bamboo
18 Myoora Road
Terrey Hills NSW 2084
Tel: +61 2 9486 3604


Robert Jonas, EBS Austria
Flugfeldstr. 5


Johan Gielis
Nottebohmstraat 8
2018 Antwerp
Tel: 32 3 236 46 29
Jacqueline De Becker - Secretary
Oude Baan 116
3360 Bierbeek
Tel: 32 16 46 14 23
Joris De Vos - Coordinator
Tel: (32) 2 653.40.03
Fax: (32) 2 652.24.21

Cobelgal is a Belgian and Portuguese firm whose purpose is to develop a program for bamboo in Europe. This project is being co-financed by the European Commission. The main aim of this program lies in the production and industrial transformation in the south of Europe.


Raphael Moras de Vasconcellos
Product Designer working with bamboo


Allan Mayo
Canada’s Bamboo World
Box 71025
#124 - 8115 120 Street
Delta, BC
Canada V4C 8E7
Tel: 604 596-2090
Fax: 604 596-0507

Mail order, retail, wholesale. Rare, hardy, collectable bamboo plants, several imported by us. Credit cards accepted. Online sales at Web page.


Mr. Cao Qungen
Bamboo Businesses in China
Subtropical Forestry Research Institute
Fuyang 311400, Zhejiang
P. R. of China
Tel/Fax: ++ 86 571 3341953

See the write-up of Bamboo Businesses in China.

Wu Liangru, Associate Professor
Deputy Secretary-general, CHINESE BAMBOO SOCIETY (CBS)
Deputy Director, Bamboo Research Division
The Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry (RISF)
Daqiao Road, Fuyang
Zhejiang, 311400
P. R. of China
Prof. Du Fan
Institute of Bamboo Research
Southwest Forestry College
Kunming 650224, Yunnan
P. R. of China

I am working on bamboo taxonomy, and bamboo ecology. We have a bamboo garden in Kunming City displaying more than bamboo 150 species with 25 bamboo genera, most of them are native and endemic in Yunnan, such as Ferrocalamus strictus, Neomicrocalamus spp., Chimonocalamus spp., Dendrocalamus spp., Fargesia spp., Yushania spp., Qiongzhuea tumidinoda, Cephalostachyum spp., Bonia spp., Melocalamus spp., and others.

Mr. Ding Xingcui
China National Bamboo Research Center (CBRC)
No. 138, Wenyi Rd.
Hangzhou 310012
P.R. China
Tel: +86 571 8860734
Fax:+86 571 8860944, 8805342

I have been working at China National Bamboo Research Center researching bamboo cultivation, physiology, biochemistry, classification and introduction for many years. I am in charge of implementing international bamboo exchanges & cooperation in order to make more exchange and cooperation with our bamboo people worldwide.

Yulong DING
Nanjing Forestry University,
Department of Forestry
Nanjing 210037
P. R. China

Mr. Ding is a teacher doing bamboo research work, mainly in the anatomy and taxonomy of Phyllostachys.

Dr. FU Jinhe
Program Officer
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)
Beijing 100101-80, PR China
Tel: +86-10-64956961-404
Fax: +86-10-64956962

Dr. Fu has been specializing in the study of Moso bamboo.

ZHANG Ying (Anna Zhang)
JianShe XinCun 5-401
Dipu Town, AnJi County
Zhe Jiang Province
China 313300
Tel: 05725023160

Ms. Zhang has created a Web site to promote local bamboo arts and crafts. There are some pictures of amazing carved vases on the Web site.

I come from Bamboo Hometown - AnJi, China - and hope to be a bamboo buyer for western company. I am a bamboo fan and interested in everything concerned about bamboo since childhood. After graduated from college in 1996, I worked in Western companies in Guangzhou. I just came back to my hometown AnJi this October and decided to pursue my career in this bamboo industry. My main purpose is to collect the bamboo and products information in rural area, organize many homemade production and quality control for export to gain economic benefits for local farmers. I would like to act like as a coordinator to seek all the bamboo information that you may interested to know in local and China.

My main advantages are as follows:


Simon Velez
Tel: 57-1-3410323
An architect working with bamboo
Rafael Rojas
An architect working with bamboo

Costa Rica

Ana Cecilia Chaves and Jorge Gutierrez
PO Box 21-1350
San Sesbastian, Cosa Rica
Fax 506-226-4848
Tel: 506-226-5340


Jorge A. Morán U.
P.O. Box 09-06-2371
Urdesa, Guayaquil
Tel: 593-4-2384283
Fax: 593-4-2384283
An architect working with bamboo


Lynda Miller
Bamboo Assocication of Fiji
PO BOX 15424
Suva, FIJI Islands
(679) 448-211 - Fax

The Bamboo Association of Fiji is an active group promoting bamboo development projects in Fiji. (March, 2005 - I recently heard from someone who was unable to contact the Fiji Association, either by phone or mail. Please let me know if you have more recent information about this group.)


Noel Wan, President
8 rue Maillasson,
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Martine Bouret, Secretary
Rue de Eglise, La Rouquette
30170 Durfort
Bernard Pinoteau
311 Avenue du Prado
13008 Marseilles
Tel: 33 91761216
Yves Crouzet
Director of Bambouseraie de Prafrance
30140 GENERARGUES (Gard)
CTBA Uniti Etudes et Recherches
Allie de Boutaut BP 227
33 028 Bordeaux cedex
Fax 33 (0) 5 56 43 64 90
Cell 33 (0) 6 08 74 36 38
Tel: 33 (0) 5 56 43 63 47
Tel: 33 (0) 5 56 43 63 45
Piau Le Moulinet
47290 CANCON
Lot et Garonne
2, rue Enclos Blaise
30140 Anduze
Tel: (33) 4 66 60 57 09
Mr et Mme Fosse Guy et Mauzole Rosalyne
19, av. Anne de Noailles
95200 Sarcelles
Tel and Fax 39 94 52 31
Stanislas Noel
Administration member of EBS-France
Jardin d'art et d'essais
F-76640 Normanville, France
Tel and Fax: (33) 35 29 62 39


Wolfgang Eberts
Saarstrasse 3
D- 76532 Baden - Baden
Tel: 0049 7221 5074 0
Fax: 0049 7221 5074 80
Frau Edeltraud Weber
John Wesley Strasse 4
63584 Grundau (Rothbergen)
Tel: 4 9 6051 17451
Oliver Korfmacher
(Rhein-Main area)


Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment
B. P. 2314
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: 509-245-4835

The ORE isn't a bamboo association, but it does use bamboo assist with the reforestation and stabilization of hillsides in Haiti. The group has an established bamboo nursery and propagating a variety of species that might be ecologially appropriate for the area.


Dr. U. M. Chandrashekara
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Kerala 680 653
I. V. Ramanuja Rao, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
17 Jor Bagh
New Delhi, India
Tel: 91-11-461 9411
Fax: 91-11-462 2707
Dr. Cherla Sastry
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
17, Jorbagh, New Delhi 110003
Tel: 011-4619411, 4619412, 4619413
Fax: 011-4622707
Jayashree Srinivasan
Research Assistant
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
17, Jorbagh, New Delhi 110003
Tel: 011-4619411, 4619412, 4619413
Fax: 011-4622707


Mario Brandazzi
Via Dosso di Matina 19
Credera Rubbiano CR
Tel: 39 373 61009
Friedrich Schlegel
advising IFAD on INBAR (Bamboo and Rattan Network in Asia) second phase proposal.
Also in contact with bamboo flower research in Bern.
Giving technical support to the Orto Botanico DI Roma which has a 80 taxons Bamboo collection.
Tito Schiva , President IBS
Via Romana 17
18012 Bordighera I
Tel: 39 184 264270
Fax 39 184 263527
Lorenzo Bar
Fraz. Mascarelli 47,
I -12064 La Morra (CN)
Tel: 0039 173 509 354
Fax 0039 173 509 279


Harutsugu Kachiouagi
Fuji Take Shokobutsuen
885 Minami-isshiki

Please include me in your contact persons doing research on bamboo.

LingFei MA
Institute of Wood Technology
Akita Prefectural College of Agriculture
Noshiro-shi, Akita 016-0876
Tel: 81 (185) 52 - 6987
Fax: 81 (185) 52 - 6975

I am working on the utilization of bamboo (Phyllostachys) as raw material in the production of composite panels, specifically cement-bonded bamboo particleboards. With other co-researchers, we have published reports on the hydration rate of cement-bamboo mixtures, strength of boards, etc.

Claude Rifat
3-38-8 Otsuka
Tokyo II2


Africa Regional Centre for Computing (ARCC)
PO Box 58638
Tel: +254-2-570176/726914/723552
Fax: 728351


Gilberto Cortés
Director, Bamboo of the Americas for Mexico

The Netherlands

EBS Netherlands

Paul van Ooste, Secretary
Eiland 36
6107CC Stevensweert
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 475 550755
Dave Modijefsky, Euro Coordinator
Essenlaan 84
3442JK Woerden
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 348 498277

Wim Masman
Borculoseweg 2
7261 BJ Ruurlo
The Netherlands
Phone: 31 5734 51465
Fax: 31 5734 52665

Wim maintains the list of bamboo synonyms. If a bamboo’s ever been called something else, it’s here.

New Zealand

New Zealand Bamboo Society
Annual membership NZ$30. (about US$21.00)
President, NZBS
Clive Higgie
P. O. Box 11
direct dial from USA 011 64 6 342-7857
T. Vallings
NZBC Secretary
New Zealand
Tel: 94322155
Fax 94322199
John Rogers
254 Whitmore Road RD6
Chris and Dave Brown
39 Brois Street
New Plymouth
Tel and Fax 06 753-9901
For direct dial from USA is 011 64 6 753-9901
Elsewhere, drop the 011 and enter your local access code plus 64 6 753-9901


Zenny Orleans
1505 M.H. del Pilar Ermita
Manila, Philippines 1000.
I grow Dendrocalamus asper.


Jose M. Viure
Carretera de Cardedeu a Canoves
08440 Cardedeu Barcelona
Tel: 34 93 8462001


Robert Linder (or, Chairman - Swiss Bamboo Society
Seeweg 19
CH-3286 Muntelier
Tel: +41 26 670 34 83
Fax: +41 26 670 52 83
Margrit Blaser
Strandweg 22
CH-3286 Muntelier
Yvonne Edwards-Widmer
Geobotanisches Institut ETHZ
Gladbachstrasse 114
CH-8044 Zuerich
Tel: ++411 632 5181
Fax: ++411 261 0595
Yvonee is finishing her Ph.D on Chusquea ecology in the Costa Rican oak forests.
Toni Grieb
La Fenettaz
CH-1588 Montet/Cudrefin
Tel: + 41 37 77 16 77
Herbert Sennhauser
Rietstr. 3A,
CH-8630 Rueti, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (55) 240 80 77
Ulrich Laemmli
Université de Genève
CH-1200 Genève
Marc Solioz, Clinical Pharmacology, University of Berne
Murtenstrasse 35
3010 Berne
Tel: +41 31 632 3268
Fax: +41 31 381 4713
Visit his Web site on the flowering of Fargesia murielae
Daniel Vergères
La Fayaulaz
CH-1583 Villarepos
Tel: + 41 (0)26 676 06 10

United Kingdom

David Helliwell
43 Whitehouse Road
Oxford, OX1 4JQ
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 865 728135
Tony Churly
The Little House
18 Gladstone Road
Fakenham, Norfolk
Tel: 01328 863350
Mick Blowfield
Natural Resources Institute
Chatham Maritime
Kent ME4 4TB
United Kingdom
Prof. Dr. Fredrich M. Schlegel-Sachs
54 Kings Rd., flat 1
London SW3 4UD
Tel and Fax: 0044171-584 45 09

Founded and built up the Bambusetum Faculty of Forestry University Austral, Valdivia, Chile (1972-1990.) Main attraction: bamboo species of temperate environment. Several Chilean Chusquea species grown from seed and all of known origin. Total number of bamboo species: 70. Founded and build up the Philippine Bambusetum, Loakan, Baguio City, Philippines (1988-90.) Main attraction bamboo species of tropical, subtropical and temperate environment. Several Philippine bamboo species of Yushania, Dinocloa, Bambusa. Total number of Bamboo species: 75. Presently promoting Chilean Chusquea species in England.

Dr Eric Boa
CABI Bioscience
Bakeham Lane
Egham, Surrey TW20 9TY
United Kingdom

Mick and Eric are involved in the Integrated Rural Bamboo project to promote the conservation and enhanced utilization of managed bamboo which has been going since 1993. Their focus is the promotion of bamboo in developing countries and they have produced a range of materials on technical and educational/dissemination topics. Dr U. M. Chandrashekara (listed under India) is also part of this group.

Mike Goodall
2 Meadow Court
Littleport, Ely,
Cambs. CB6 1JW
United Kingdom

I also have five pages of bamboo information and pictures on my site at

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