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Dr. Fu Jinhe says that INBAR will help foreign businesses locate Chinese suppliers of bamboo and bamboo-related products. He says:

"In INBAR most of the questions on bamboo sent to have been forwarded to me by the INBAR computer specialist and I have answered about 95% of the questions. The other 5% I cannot answer have been forwarded by me to other experts/persons in the world to reply."

Bamboo China Service

Bamboo China Service, managed by Mr. Cao Qungen, aims to encourage and introduce Chinese bamboos to the world by providing bamboo services to the people who are interested in, and manage, bamboo resources and bamboo products.

Services include:

If any of our services are of interest to you, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Mr. Cao Qungen
Zhejiang Dida Import & Export Co., Ltd.
2605#, Building No. 1
Huazhe Plaza, Hangzhou
Zhejiang, P. R. China
Tel/Fax ++ 86 571 3341953
Cell ++ 86 138 05791865

Best wishes to you from China bamboo friends.

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