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Make your selections for membership type, duration and the main chapter you'd like to participate in. You may select additional chapters but note that each additional chapter is $15 a year more.

When you've made your selection, click on the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page and you'll be taken to the PayPal Web site. There you will provide your name, address and credit card information. The ABS does not receive your credit card information, only your name, address and how much you've paid, so there is no danger your card information will be misused.

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Annual: $40 - Includes a 1-year primary chapter membership; additional chapters are $15.00/year each
Three-year: $110 - Includes three-year primary chapter for North American members; additional chapters: $40 each for the three-year period
Lifetime: $600 - includes ABS membership only
Supporting: $60 - includes a one-year primary chapter membership
Patron: $120 (tax-deductible) - includes a one-year chapter membership
International: $40 (outside North America; no chapter included)

Each year’s membership includes:

Choose your primary chapter membership, and any additional chapter memberships.

  Primary Additional
Florida Caribbean Chapter
Hawaii Chapter
Louisiana-Gulf Coast Chapter
Mid-States Chapter
Northeast Chapter
Northern California Chapter
Oregon Bamboo Assoc. Chapter
Pacific Northwest Chapter
Southeast Chapter
Southern California Chapter
Texas Bamboo Society Chapter
Tierra Seca Chapter
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