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INBAR Bamboo & NTFP's China Tour
April, 2009

In cooperation with the International Center for Research on Agroforestry (ICRAF), INBAR has begun organizing a bamboo tour of China for April, 2009.

In 2005 INBAR organized the Bamboo Study Tour in Zhejiang, China. Twenty participants from seven countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, U.S.A., Vietnam and Thailand) joined the study tour and witnessed the achievements of Chinese bamboo development over the last 30 years.

At the request of UNIDO, INBAR organized two more bamboo study tours in 2007. The first in Zhejiang and Sichuan provinces of China. There were 18 participants from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Australia, Malaysia, India and Netherlands, including Mr. Ahmed Nasser, the State Minister of Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Director General of Ethiopia Federal Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency, Permanent Sectary of Kenya Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource, Director of Kenya Forest Research Institute and Dr. Coosje Hoogendoorn, Director General of INBAR.

Then, later in 2007 INBAR, organized another bamboo tour in Zhejiang province for four ministers of INBAR member countries, CFC officials and diplomats.

The 2008 Bamboo Tour had 14 participants from Australia, Ethiopia, Laos, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, and the USA. The director of Kenya Forest Service joined the tour.

The objective of the annual bamboo study tours is to share the experience of Chinese bamboo and NTFP's development and to promote bamboo and NTFP's development in other countries. The bamboo study tours have attracted a great deal of attention; hence we are organizing the 2009 INBAR Bamboo & NTFP's tour to China. We will visit Zhejiang and Sichuan provinces in April for 10 days, the best time to see bamboo shooting and enjoy fresh bamboo shoots.

If you are interest in the tour, please contact Dr. FU Jinhe soon. The cost in China will be $1,600/person, which will cover accommodation, food, transportation and domestic flights. Participants will be responsible for the cost of their international flights.

Soon you will be able to read the reports of the 2005, 2007 and 2008 bamboo tours.

The 2009 itinerary will be available soon and what follows is a draft of the plan.

In Zhejiang we will visit some leading bamboo flooring manufacturers such as:

In Sichuan province, we will visit:

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