2008 Arts & Crafts Competition
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ABS 2008 Annual Arts & Crafts Competition

Here are the results of the 2007 competition.

There will be three awards this year -

The 2008 competetion is closed as of July 27th, 2008. The winners will be annouced at the ABS Annual Meeting in San Francisco in November and the details about the winners will be posted here shortly afterwards.


All applicants will be notified before the annual meeting in November, 2008. The grantees will be announced at the meeting and information will be included in the American Bamboo Society magazine, Bamboo, and on the ABS Web site.

Some Possible Categories

Using bamboo as material or design motif

Literature — poetry

Crafts — fiber, clay, glass, metal, paper, wood, mixed media, book arts

Visual Arts — drawing, painting, photography, sculpture

Design — interior design, graphics

Performing Arts — music, theater, dance

Application Instructions

Please submit to the Arts & Crafts Coordinator (listed below) a résumé and a brief description (not less than one paragraph and not more than one page) of the proposed project or the body of work the applicant wishes to extend. Be sure to describe how and why you chose bamboo.

Include documentation such as reviews, newspaper articles, etc. of related work (if available) and slides, photographs, audio or video tapes as appropriate. Include a SASE if you wish to have your documentation materials returned (in Fall, 2008).

All submissions must have been created by the applicant and must not be part of work created in and for class credit.

Do not send original works of art.

Recipient Responsibilities

When the award recipient participates in public activities with the funded work (performances, exhibitions, etc.) the recipient shall give credit to the American Bamboo Society with the following credit line: “This project is supported by the American Bamboo Society.”

One year following the award, the recipient shall write a short statement describing how the award impacted on her/his continued work efforts. This statement will be read at the annual meeting of the American Bamboo Society in the Fall of 2008 and published in the magazine, Bamboo, and on the ABS Web site

Please submit your application to:

ABS Arts & Crafts Coordinator
186 Harkness Road
Amherst, MA 01002

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