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ABS 2005 Annual
Arts & Crafts Competition Winners

This year there were 17 entrants from nine states and four countries. For more information, contact:

ABS Arts & Crafts Coordinator
PO Box 14578
Portland, OR 97293

First Place Winner ($1,000 to be shared)

Bamboo brushes

Glen Grishkoff
Portland, Oregon

Glen has been exploring handmade brushes since 1991. His application richly documented his connection to bamboo and his search for the perfect combination of natural materials to complement the bamboo elements. His brushes have been exhibited internationally as works of art. Yet, they are fully functional and have been used by such well known artists as Peter Voulkos and Paul Soldner.

Selected comments from jurors and ABS board members:


David N. Ebner
Bellport, NY

David Ebner is a familiar and respected name in the world of contemporary, handmade furniture. His recent Bamboo Collection, which utilized bamboo veneers and laminated sheets, was well received and featured in Garden Design magazine. He plans to expand his use of bamboo to include the additional techniques of carving, turning, and vacuum forming

Special Honorable Mention ($500)

Bamboo Electric Car

Le Jardin Academy
Kailua, HI

The LJA bamboo electric car is the result of six months work (only after school and on weekends) by a dedicated group of seven students. They were led by their advisor, a history teacher. He grew up in the area and remembered making toys from the bamboo in his yard as a child. After months of harvesting and messy experimenting, the team finished their project just in time for the Hawaiian Electric Co. sponsored competition and were voted the crowds favorite!

We hope this monetary Award will encourage students of the Academy to continue their youthful creativity. Their advisor wrote recently that they hope to show the bamboo car for the next several years. We would like to help them to do just that.

Jurors' and ABS board members' quotes:

Honorable Mention

Quilting with bamboo as batting

Janice C. Harding
Tacoma, WA

Although Janice’s presentation included only six slides (in addition to her written application information), we were all impressed with her completely original use of bamboo to replace the soft, fluffy batting used in traditional quilts.

This Award may encourage Janice to continue pursuing this new technique, hopefully coming to even greater designs. We will encourage her to reapply next year.

Juror's quote:

"I love that she recycles material."

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