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ABS 2004 Annual
Arts & Crafts Competition Winners

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First Place Winner ($1,000)

Polly Jacobs Giacchia
8021 Eastridge Dr.
La Mesa, CA 91941
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“SENTINEL” wall hanging–date palm and black bamboo. 44" x 28" x 4"


“PRIMITIVE LIFE” bamboo and date palm lidded vessel. 8" x 16" x 20".


“AFTER THE RAIN” wall hanging–black bamboo, date palm and paper. 42" x 41" x 1 ½"

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“Nucleus” date palm vessel surrounded by bent bamboo

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The artist's statement:

Weaving is my passion. Inspirations for my art come from nature, single words and the human figure. My art is an interlacing of natural materials using the basketry technique twining. Twining consists of two weavers traveling together over an armature to create structure. I twine primarily with the fiber from date palm seed stalks.

It is a very pliable and creative material.

There are several reasons why I chose to use bamboo in my art. At times the bamboo is an accent. As a strong and linear element, it creates direction and contrast to the woven form. I use bamboo to surround and re-shape a woven form thus leading to a new interpretation.

I also use bamboo as a structural element. I can create composition by binding the bamboo together to hold multiple woven units. Bamboo has straight lines that allow a weaving to have structure and integrity of craftsmanship.

There is also the emotion of the material. I feel bamboo evokes a serene and calm feeling. It has strength and distinction.

The enclosed images show my current work with bamboo. I will continue with this work. My proposal would be to experiment and explore bending different types of bamboo. I feel this would be a new relationship with the current linear bamboo element and my sculptural woven forms.

Thank you,

Polly Jacobs Giacchina

Polly's statement, one year later, December, 2005.

Receiving the ABS Arts award was a wonderful grant of permission. This was my go-ahead nod, to make bamboo a permanent and more prominent part of my art work.

In the portfolio I submitted to the ABS, was my proposal to continue the work I was doing with bamboo. To push myself creatively I wanted to experiment with bamboo bending.

I was fortunate enough to participate in the Bamboo and Basketry tour with Nancy Moore Bess in the fall of 2004. It was an eye-opening and enriching experience. It showed me the possibilities of the material. I don’t just mean in the art arena, but in everyday life and how you could be immersed in a natural material in so many ways.

I have continued my art and my bamboo bending. It still amazes me that such a rigid material can almost have a quiet sigh and then bend in coaxing hands. But not without a lot of incredible preparation and work.

My future will be exciting as I watch my new bamboo plants grow, (and grow and grow) as well as the cultivation of my art work.

Thank you ABS. Polly Jacobs Giacchina

Selected comments from jurors and ABS board members:

Second Place Winner ($500)

Beverly Ann Messenger
2529 San Marcos Pass
Santa Barbara, California 92105



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The artist's quote:

"... my addiction has evolved into knowing that I must continue working and playing and expanding upon my bamboo ideas and designs."

Selected comments from jurors and ABS baord members:

Honorable Mention

Dona Anderson
341 West Olympic Place
Seattle, Washington 98119



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The artist's quote:

"It's time to reinvent the Kendo sticks. Thanks for the opportunity to express my fondness for the magical bamboo!"

Juror's quotes:

"I love that she recycles material."

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