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You may send us a question about bamboo, but please understand that we are just bamboo people who have volunteered to answer questions on-line. We don't know everything and many questions have already been answered many times. Please look through the pointers below and make use of the resources already available here on-line before writing me. I will be testy if you ask me a question that is answered in the FAQ.

Lucky Bamboo If you bought
“Lucky,” “Chinese,” “Curly” or “Water” Bamboo
please read THIS!

The plant you bought isn’t bamboo at all, and not even a grass. If the plant you bought has been growing in a vase with just water and some rocks, marbles or clear gel, it is a Dracaena (probably D. sanderiana or possibly D. deremensis, which is also called the corn plant.) Consult your local nursery for care of these plants or look here, here, here or here for care instructions.

If you have questions about membership.

If you would like to find a source for bamboo plants and products.

If you would like to find a bamboo plants.

If you have a question about caring for bamboo.

If you have a general question about bamboo.

If you have a note about bamboo that is of general interest that you’d like to have appear on the ABS Web site - click here. If you have an article you’d like to submit for the ABS Web site, see the section below.

If you are an ABS member and a bamboo supplier, or supplier of bamboo-related material, you should be listed in the ABS Species Source List. It is published each spring and appears on the ABS Web page some time after that. Please submit your information to the . There is more information about getting into the Species List here.

If you have corrections to existing information, please let me know what page needs correction. Either by the name of the page that appears in your browser window title when you view the page, or by the URL that usually appears in the URL-entry line just below the window tile. For example, this page is titled ABS - Feedback and the URL is

If you find out-of-date links to the ABS Web pages on other sites, please notify the editor or Webmaster of the site with the bad link. There’s not much I can do about someone else’s Web site.

If you can’t find an answer to your bamboo question in any of the suggested links above, send us a message and we'll try to find someone to answer your question.

If you have a question or comment about the organization or content of the Web site, please send a message to .

Submitting an Article

I am always looking for new articles about bamboo that would be of interest to the membership in general. If you have an article, news of a bamboo event or other information more than a few paragraphs in length, please submit them as a word processing document attached to an email message to .

What word processing software you use is almost irrelevant, just mention what it is (including version number) in the message you attach the file to. I can convert most common and many unusual formats to HTML with AppleWorks, the word processor of choice here at ABS Web Site Central. Occasionally I have trouble with binary files getting messed up in transmission and we might have to try a second time. If you want to increase the chance that the file will reach me in in a useful form you can try “stuffing” or “zipping” it before attaching it to the message.

Please don’t send me plain text versions of your word processing document, filled with tabs, hard returns and spaces to make it look nice on the printed page. None of that formatting is appropriate on Web pages, where one has no control over typeface, page size or margins. It can take me hours to get rid of all those spaces, hard returns and tabs. If I have the choice between a simple-to-reformat article to get on the ABS Web site and another with lots of spaces, hard returns and tabs to format tabular data, I will choose the simpler one every time. The more difficult material will languish until I am in a particularly masochistic mood.

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