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November 4th through 7th, 2010 - The 2010 ABS General Meeting and Conference in Savannah, GA.
The meeting site will be the Hilton DeSoto in the downtown historic district of Savannah. There will be trips to the Historic Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens and the Byron, GA area.
For more information you can visit the Southeast Chapter website by clicking here.

17 April 2010, Saturday David Flannagan, ABS member and founder of Bamboo Fencer, will be giving a workshop in fence building at the Longhouse in East Hampton Village, L.I., New York. the cost is $40 and there is more information on the Longhouse Web site.

19-29 May 2010 - The INBAR Annual Bamboo Tour of China. Each year since 2005 INBAR has organized a bamboo study tour of China. The 2010 tour will be for eleven days. The cost will be $2,000 per person, not including transportation to China. There is information about prior years' tours on the INBAR Web site and some photos here.

"In Zhejiang we will visit some leading bamboo flooring manufacturers like DASSO (who produced bamboo fireproof ceiling in Madrid international airport, which won 2006 Sterlinz prize. DASSO is producing bamboo veneer for 70,000 BMW cars’ interior decoration and 40m long bamboo wind turbine blade manufacturer), Yafeng (who produces strand woven bamboo lumber and floor), Yongyu (bamboo floor), Shengbang (bamboo concrete form, a supplier for 2010 EXPO in Shanghai), Xieqiang (bamboo curtain and mat); Kangxing bamboo shoot processing company, Shenshi Bio-product company(bamboo extract like flavonoid, bamboo beer), Wenzhao, the biggest bamboo charcoal company(charcoal and vinegar) and the only China Bamboo Charcoal Museum in the world, some primitive processing workshops (bamboo strips) on community level, Huachun bamboo furniture company, Jitai bamboo processing machine company and Anji bamboo product market (hundreds bamboo products including bamboo clothes). We will also visit the biggest bamboo botanic garden in the world, Anji Bamboo Garden, which has more than 300 bamboo species plus two giant pandas, and Chinese Bamboo Museum in this garden; high-yield bamboo plantation, bamboo film production base (“Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger”Banquet, etc) and eco-tourism site, ornamental bamboo nursery, Baisha eco-tourism village, some companies and communities for NTFPs like ginkgo, hickory and traditional dry bamboo shoot, Hangzhou West Lake and China Silk Museum in Hangzhou. We visited some bamboo research institutions like Zhejiang Forestry College (visiting bamboo products showroom, bamboo charcoal, bamboo tissue culture lab)."

July 6th through 10th, 2010 - An intensive, five day, 40 hour workshop on bamboo cutting, drying, preservation and joinery of Guadua bamboo put on by Los Amigos Ranch in Veracruz, Mexico. The course will be in presented by the architect Ricardo Leyva (in Spanish) and the cost will be 3,500 Pesos (about US$300) which includes room, board and materials. For details, pease contact Antonio Carrillo.

August 20th through 22nd, 2010 - The European Bamboo Society Annual Meeting will be held Switzerland's Three Lakes region. There is more information on the EBS Web site (PDFs in German, French and English) or you can contact:

EBS Schweiz, Caspar Dürig
Wiesendamm 6a
CH-4057 Basel


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