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Disclaimer: The following notes are posted here as they might be of interest to members, but none of them have any endorsement from the ABS. I have not investigated any of these businesses or individuals and just post the information they’ve sent me. Caveat emptor.

Carsten Bornemann wrote to say he has a business in the Sauerland area of Germany selling bamboo for hedges and fences. His Web site provides more information, but it is only available in German.

Madek Porembski wrote to say that he has a business making bamboo cases for Apple's iPhones. His Web site describes the designs and the costs.

Steven Talaksnik is looking for people who have experience "in the construction of bamboo scaffolding for a substantial outdoor project that will be built in Spring, 2010 in the New York City metropolitan area. If you have experience working with construction grade bamboo poles and lashing, please drop me a note."

Bamboo and makes and sells, you guessed it, bamboo tiki bars. Please have a look at the Web site if you don't know what a bamboo tiki bar might look like. They also sell fencing, rugs, poles, garden fountains, umbrellas, statues and more. makes and sells, you guessed it, bamboo tiki bars. Please have a look at the Web site if you don't know what a bamboo tiki bar might look like. They also make other furniture suitable for a tiki bar, or a patio. Who knew Tiki bars were so popular.

Focus on Bamboo sells “100% Bamboo fiber towels, hand towels, washcloths, bathrobes, bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets”

James Wolf Design sells, amongst other things, furniture made of bamboo — beds, tables and benches. Check out his “Drivn” Web site.

Simon Deng of Guilin Han Yun Tang Decorat,ion Handicrafts Co., Ltd. wrote to say his company “is a professional manufacturer which is researching, developing, producing and selling the new classical artistic lamps.” Most of the lamps are made of bamboo they sell wall, pendant, table and floor lamps.

Bamboo Technologies of Maui have a Web site called Bamboo Living Homes. They sell many different styles of homes which are pre-fabricated in Viet Nam and then shipped to the building site. I think most of these homes are destined for Hawaii, where Bamboo Technologies is located, but it's still interesting to see the types of houses, photos of the interiors and see the prices.

There's also a brief video of what the houses look like.

Payless Decor sells, amongst other things, bamboo window shades of various types.

Mobboa, headquartered in Belgium, has started to sell bamboo-fiber clothing in Europe. They list tee shirts, towels, wash clothes, socks, women's underwear and a shawl amongst the things they offer. They are somehow related to Bamboo Clothes, which sells some of the same kinds of clothing; and Bamboo Apparel, which sells various kinds of men's and women's tee shirts. The second two businesses are in California.

Pure Fiber sells bamboo fiber towels in several colors. They offer their products both for retail and wholesale. It looks like they may have plans to sell things like bamboo fiber robes in the future.

bamboo painting

Stella Maris Tosi Villamayor has written from Argentina to say that she does oil paintings of bamboo, amongst other things. She has had showings in at least one art museum in the United States. In the U.S. she is represented by George Dell Art. To the left is a photo that she sent me of one of her paintings.

Naturally Bamboo Clothing, an ABS member, has a Web site selling tee shirts and socks for men and women, knit pants for women and a tote bag, all made from bamboo fiber. I found a link on their site to Baby Bam Collection, which seems to be a start-up company which will sell baby clothing, blankets and, perhaps, other things when they get going. There is a link on their Contact page for enquiries about wholesale and retail sales.

Bamboozle, a bamboo flooring business in Perth, Australia has a nice Web site with photos of shining bamboo floors. Email them for more information.
23 Pearson Way
Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017
phone: 08 9445 9011 fax: 08 9445 9022

Qinsun Bamboo Board of China produces and sells solid and engineered bamboo flooring, bamboo carpet and bamboo flooring finishing pieces (moldings).

Lucia Zhao, Manager of Export Department
Qinsun Bamboo Board
Room 1004 Lixiang Mansion
NO111 Zhichun Road
Haidian District
Beijing, China 100086
Phone: 0086-10-86232585
Fax: 0086-10-51796530

Mike Richard Jr. wrote to say that he imports and sells finely-made woven baskets and trays from Laos.

Live Oak Gardens, Ltd.
10106 Jefferson Island Rd.
New Iberia, LA 70560
fax 337-364-1605

Ngocson Bamboo and Rattan Co., Ltd. from Vietnam has written to say they manufacture and exporter in handicraft items. Their main products are baskets, place mats, hats, furniture and curtains made of bamboo, rattan, sea grass and other natural materials.

Please contact them if you have any questions.

Ms. Lien
Ngocson bamboo and rattan co., ltd.
KM 20, Highway 6, Chuong My
Ha Tay, Vietnam
Tel: 84 34 866055
Fax: 84 34 867099

Dear Sir:

We are farmers from the south of Chile. In our cold and rainy southern forests grows the Chusquea coleou bamboo, an endemic species of solid bamboo. [This] is grown in absolutely natural conditions, so we can say that is an organic bamboo, totally pesticide chemicals free.

For this bamboo we are looking for importers. We are able to supply you with raw bamboo poles in the specifications that you require. Generally, Chusquea coleou bamboo poles are 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter at the butt with tips that range from 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch. However, poles are available with tips as large as 1 inch. The maximum length available is 12 ft.

Also we are able to process poles according with USDA rules and regulations.

Discounts are available for full containers orders. If you are interested please do not doubt in contact us for to talk about specifications and prices.

Eduardo Oettinger S.
Agricola La Laguna Ltda.
Exports Manager
Phone: 56.75.471112
Cell: 09.9767017

Danny would like you to know that you can “Hear the musical sounds and rhythm of bamboo....” at

“We sell bamboo music CDs, tapes, bamboo musical instruments and other bamboo products.”

The site has some music CDs you can sample on-line as well as selling bamboo plants, flutes, utensils and miscellaneous products.

Bambooman, LLC
273 Chatterton Pkwy.
White Plains, N.Y., 10606

The NGUYEN VINH PRODUCTION, TRADING & IMPORT-EXPORT COMPANY of Hanoi, Viet Nam sells bamboo and rattan baskets of many sizes, mats, lanterns, bird cages and little kitchen things.

Tran Duc Chinh, Sales Manager
Nguyen Vinh Co. Ltd
KM 3 Phan Trong Tue Road,
Thanh Tri district
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84-4-8531443
Fax: +84-4-5680398
Mobile: +84-904-153618

Well, I've never heard of this before, but a Chinese company called Golden Basin, LLC is promoting an extract from bamboo as a dietary supplement. They sell the extract or infuse it into rice.

Justin Aiello has written to say that his "company is an importer of many different bamboo products. We sell bamboo
flooring, veneer, Kitchen & bathroom cabinets as well as many different bamboo cutting boards and house ware items."

Aiello's International, Inc.
1650 Pine Run Rd.
East Berlin, PA 17316 USA
Tel: 717.619.1029
Fax: 717.441.3767

Well, I've never heard of this before, but a Chinese company called Golden Basin, LLC is promoting an extract from bamboo as a dietary supplement. They sell the extract or infuse it into rice.

Linda Bangert Harris, Partner
Golden Basin, LLC
Hauula, HI 96717
808-293-2981 phone and fax

SBI Nursery Software has written to say they produce “a complete solution for wholesale growers, garden center retailers and landscape distribution centers.” This includes wireless sales and inventory, point-of-sale, inventory and accounting modules.

Memories of the East® imports "handmade bamboo and wooden gifts, arts collectibles, crafts, toys, home and kitchenware, as well as home decor products, all stylishly designed and created with exquisite craftsmanship".

Memories of the East¨
Schnel LLC
589 Campbell Ave.
P. O. Box 430
West Haven, CT 06516
Tel: 917-603-4378
Fax: 917-522-9581

Great Wall Floors, Ltd. is one of bamboo flooring manufacturers in China. We want to find partners to export or distribute our bamboo flooring to foreign country.

Tony Ma
Great Wall Floors, Ltd.
Tel: + 86 591 87402786
Fax: + 86 591 87402796
MSN Messenger:

GaiaYoga Nursery, is an organic permaculture nursery on the Big Island of Hawaii specializing in clumping bamboo as well as edible and useful trees and other perennial plants. We have 40 varieties for sale including D. asper "Hitam". Please look at our Web site for more information.

Mann Singh wrote to say he makes "chairs in both laminated and 'natural' bamboo (D. strictus). I studied furniture design at the National Institute of Design in India. We were taught by Mr. G. Upadhayaya and Mr. M. P. Ranjan. Thank you."

Laguna Bamboo makes some very nice looking kitchen and bath cabinetry out of bamboo, and some unusual looking furniture.

"I am Shyamsuraj from India. I am under preparation to make a documentary film about Indian bamboo called "Bamboo: a boon and beyond".

I invite interested people to join this venture in all aspects. Please mail to me:"

Rami Huseen Ali and AbdAlRhman Khader Alshikh Khalil from Jordan are craftsmen in bamboo furniture. They are currently looking for work and are willing to travel. Please contact them for photos of their work (which looks quite nice to me.)

Eduardo Vedio is an Argentinean crafts person working with bamboo to make incense burners, lamps and chimes with "more to come."

Mindy sent word that Bamboosa of South Carolina produces a line of bamboo clothing for babies, men and women. They say that all their clothing is made from 100% bamboo fiber.

"We pledge to give 1% of our net sales to 1% For The Planet - so take a minute to click on their logo once you have visited the Bamboosa splash page."

Jason Henderson has written to tell us about the Moseau (pronounced Moso) line of golf shirts, tee shirts and socks all made from bamboo fiber.

Nguyen Dinh Xuan wrote from Ha Nam Province in Viet Nam, to say they make and export many handicraft products made from rattan and bamboo.

Our main products are as following:

If you have any inquiries, please feel free contact to advise us as soon as possible. You can send mail to contact us.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Xuan
Km 46 Highway 1A,
Duy Tien district,
Ha Nam Province, Viet Nam
Phone: 0913532040

Rich Monosson of Bensons' Import of Huntington Beach, CA wants you to know that Bensons' -

"provides quality bamboo, bamboo poles and bamboo fencing, tropical decor and nautical decor for decorating restaurants, tropical or nautical-theme parties and similar environments. Feel the tropical breeze rustling through life-like palm trees, fish nets, bamboo, bamboo poles, nautical and other exotic decorative arts."

Thomas Kiesenebner of Lars Bambussen Design of Austria has written to say they make a line of furniture out of bamboo. Their Web site shows beds, lounge chairs, coffee tables, sofas, love seats, cradles and even a bamboo bed for your pet. They also have some impressive photos of huge bamboo culms growing in a forest.

Zac Elston wrote with a link to a supplier of star plates. Stromberg's Chicks and Gamebirds (believe it or not) sells kits of these plates which some people have successfully used to build yurt-like structure using bamboo struts. I've asked Zac to send a write-up if he manages to make it work.

I guess this comes under the heading of a commercial message. It looks to me as if is sponsoring an informative Web site called Bamboo which, no surprise, is all about bamboo flooring. It has sections about the basics of bamboo flooring and its care, with pictures of the different finishes that are available.

Bamboo Textile produces bamboo fiber clothing. Now Rich Delano has sent a message saying they have a line of bamboo fiber socks, tee shirts and sell the yarn and fiber as well.

They sent me a sample pair of socks, which were my wife's size. She says they are wonderfully soft and remarkably warm (which is great, as her feet are normally always cold!) The socks are a blend of bamboo and nylon and the tee shirts are a blend of bamboo and cotton. They sent me a bamboo tee shirt, which I like and wear regularly. It's gray, but then so am I.

Roberto Retana of Bamboo Costa Rica would like us to know that they are exporters of dried Guadua bamboo poles in a variety of sizes and that they have recently opened an office in Frederick, Maryland.

Someone from Bali Crafts wrote to say that his company makes bamboo wind chimes and "dream catchers".

For people living in the U.K./E.U., Dan Lane of wrote to say that his business can supply bamboo fences, poles, fountains, water basins, lanterns and more to enhance your bamboo garden. Visit their Web site or email him for more information.

Swicofil AG Textile Services of Switzerland wrote to say that they can provide bamboo fiber and yarn. There's quite a bit of detailed information about the properties of the fiber and yarn if you rummage around on the site; especially here.

Postfach 1926
Gerliswilstr. 23
CH - 6021 Emmenbruecke
Tel 0041 / 41 / 267 90 24
Fax 0041 / 41 / 267 92 29
swicofil at swicofil com

The have a supplier in the United States:

J. L. Corporation
P.O. Box 10917
Greenville, SC 29603

Michael McDonough an architect, sells quite nice looking laminated bamboo furniture.

Well, this is a bit unusual. Steph, from Bamboo Clothes has written to say that they are looking for someone to "field test" some of their new products. I think this will be, mainly, socks made from bamboo fiber. From their Web site, it doesn't look like they have anything for sale as yet, but if you are interested in field testing some socks, please do write to her.

Ngo Van Khien of the Hong Duong Rattan and Bamboo Company has written to say that his company is a "manufacturer and exporter of handicrafts in Viet Nam. Our main products as following:

  1. Bamboo/rattan/sea grass/fern/reed/wicker/jute basket wares.
  2. Bamboo/grass/rattan/reed/fern natural plant window blinds.
  3. Bamboo lacquered wares: tray, bowl, box

If you have any inquiries, please feel free contact to advise us as soon as possible.

Mr. Ngo Binh Duong
Km 28 Highway 6,
Chuong My District,
Ha Tay Province, Viet Nam
Tell: 84.34.866500
Fax: 84.34.866996

Rocky Yu of Yongzhu Bamboo Flooring has written to tell us that they manufacture laminated bamboo flooring of several types (natural and carbonized finish, lacquered or un-lacquered). They also produce a nice-looking line of bamboo tables, bed frames and chairs.

Paul Whittaker of Hardy Bamboos has written to say "We have tried to convert our love of bamboo and grasses into a Web site which does it justice and I think that we have a damn fine start." They are particularly proud of the many medals they've won from the Royal Horticultural Society for their displays at the Chelsea Flower and Garden Show and The Hampton Court Palace Show. They are only able to ship plants within the U.K.

They are located at:

Hardy Bamboos
Heath Road
Phone or Fax (01953) 888212

Zen Bamboo of China, a manufacturer of bamboo veneer, paneling and flooring has a nice, English-language Web site about their products.

Contact: Mr. Yao
Hangzhou Zen Bamboo &Hardwood Products Co., Ltd.
Tsingshan Industrial Zone, Linan City
Zhejiang Province China 311305
Tel (office): 0086-571-6378-4818
Fax (office): 0086-571-6378-4853

We heard from Bar Stools and Barstools, who import (surprise) bamboo bar stools. They have three styles and they have a Web page with photos.

ComCore 21 Corporation
1323 Portofino Circle, #902
Weston, FL 33326

2003-10-11 Jane Li, Sales Manager for Wellmade Wooden & Bamboo Products Corp., Ltd has written to say that they have a variety of bamboo flooring for sale.

Wellmade Wooden & Bamboo Products Corp., Ltd.
10/F A and B, 239 Hongwu Road
Xin Da Du Center 210002
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-25-4697891
Fax: +86-25-4697895

2003-10-06 The Big Bamboo Trading Co. of Homestead Florida "offers the finest treated Guadua bamboo poles and products available. There are many interesting photographs of large bamboo structures especially those built by Simon Velez and Marcelo Villegas. We have a great deal of treated Guadua poles from 1 inch to 6.5 inches in diameter. These poles are from the Colombian Andes mountain range, with lengths up to 20 feet. We also have split bamboo mat (esterilla) and Phyllostachys canes up to 12 ft long. The line of furniture we offer is also treated and is built for us by artisans using proven methods of bamboo joinery. We also carry a large array of utilitarian bamboo crafts."

2003-10-04 Nguyen Duc Doan sent a message about the South China Sea Commercial Company, a business he represents in Viet Nam. They are a "manufacturer of handicraft products made of rattan, bamboo, sea-grass, lacquer, fern, palm leaf, lamp, ceramic, coconut fiber, etc. Our company is providing over 4,000 models of products having the tasteful design: baskets, pots, bamboo mats, handbags, hats, doormats, place-mats, furniture, decorative items." Apparently, they are looking for companies interesting in importing their goods. He provided only an email address.

2003-09-14 South West Trading Company has bamboo yarn suitable for spinning. Click on the paragraph beginning "How is Soy Silk™ made?" for a bit more information.

Nicole Brait wrote to say Enkidu, Inc. "imports hand-made home accessories from developing countries. We buy straight from the artists who make these crafts to ensure they are paid fairly for their labor. Approximately 80% of the people we buy from are woman living in rural areas."

Enkidu, Inc.
128 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007
212 577 6037

Masahiro Kishima, Proprietor of Shuchikudo Industrial Arts, is selling handmade bamboo items. They have many different kinds of bowls, baskets, mats, vases and works of art.

Shuchikudo Industrial Arts
2935-3 Kawakami, Yufuin-cho
Oita-gun, Oita-ken, 879-5102, Japan
Fax: 81-977-84-5382

Erica Skadsen wrote to say Organic Jewelry makes bamboo jewelry for those who have body piercings.

Jo Scheer (OBA chapter member) has a Web site promoting his kits for bamboo "hooches". Hooches are a kind of tropical tree house. His site has several interesting photos. Jo had an article published in Ecotecture about them.

Fu Fou Industry Co., Ltd. is a company, established in 1981, that specializes in bamboo and rattan baskets. Over the years, Fu Fou has opened two factories located in Thailand and Vietnam to produce high quality products to meet customers' requirements. Our company is expanding its market to all over the world and we would like very much to find distributors in U.S. If anyone is interested in our products, please contact us by e-mail or by telephone (below).

Chico Huang
Marketing Director
Fu Fou Industry Co., Ltd.
T: 662-323-2760-3
F: 662-323-9245
M: 661-822-0050

SR Wood, Inc. of Clarksville, Indiana sells bamboo laminate. They say "Be it wall covering, laminate, door skins, even fancy sketch faces, we have real bamboo sliced thin and ready to go." I've never thought of bamboo as a wall covering, could be interesting!

Charles Renne, Director of Advertising / E-Commerce
SR Wood Inc.
(812) 288-9201 Voice
(812) 288-5225 Fax

Exotic Bamboo Flooring of Kelowna, BC, Canada wrote to tell us that they sell pre-finished bamboo flooring. What was most interesting to me about their site was the information on the relative hardness tests done for their bamboo flooring. Contact them via email or phone -

Voice: (250) 491-0782 
Fax:  (250) 491-0790 
Cell: (250) 470-7568
Toll Free: 1-866-491-0783

George McCord, of Root Solutions (1-800-554-0914) has written to say his company makes root barriers which are suitable for bamboo. He says they "can make any depth the customer requires. The deflectors are made of polyethylene, long recognized by the Dept. of Forestry as the most desirable plastic for root deflectors. Root Solutions is marketed all over the World. They come in panels of two feet long and are self-locking. This accommodates root balls for trees. However, this is ideal to enclose an area where the bamboo is planted."

Teresa Kasner makes necklaces, anklets and the like using bamboo, shells and beads. She has a Web site which provides more information .

KOMARUYA SUMII makes traditional Japanese bamboo fans, which are displayed on their Web site. You may also contact them at:

91-54 Enshoji Okazaki
Sakyo Kyoto 606-8344
tel: (075) 771-2229
fax: (075) 761-1101

Ms. Thu Huong from Huong Hang Xanh International in Viet Nam has written to say her business makes bamboo curtains, tables, chains and handbags. They are looking for distributors for their products.

Huong Hang Xanh International
173 Dien Bien Phu Str.,
Ward 15, Binh Thanh Dist.,
Hochiminh City, Vietnam
Tel: ( 84-8) 510 6991 / 899 2762
FAX: ( 84-8) 898 0769

Mr. Vu Hong Phu of the Dynasty Dragon Export & Import Co. makes and sells a wide variety of bamboo products, from ladders to flooring to baskets. You can contact them via:

Dynasty Dragon Export & Import Co. Ltd.
33 Dang Thi Nhu street, Ward Nguyen Thai Binh,
Dist 1 , Ho Chi Minh City, VIET NAM.
Fax: (84.8) 914-2530
Mobile: 84.90-393-3390

The XingHengYe Curtain Industry Co. would like you to know that they manufacture bamboo window blinds and related accessories. You can contact them via email or:

XingHengYe Curtain Industry Co., Ltd.
Tel: 86-755-84181704,28543336
Fax: 86-755-84180805

sie lx has written to say “we produce bamboo charcoal in south China, Guangdong Province.” He doesn’t give the name of his business, but is interested in finding a market for his bamboo charcoal and other bamboo products.

The South China Sea Commercial Company of Viet Nam has written to say they are looking for a partner to help them export the bamboo furniture they make. Please contact Ngoc Anh for more information.

Paul Rufo of Basically Bamboo in Hawaii has written to say he’s resurrected his company’s Web site. He also says “Basically Bamboo’s mission is to stimulate the development of bamboo as an agricultural crop for wood substitutes, food, building material and various other innovative uses. This will be accomplished by introducing products from China that we can use and by starting a program of product development to produce products that is focused on our market needs. We will also expand on the products that we import using them as raw material to manufacture a more ‘value added’ end product.”

Peter Hordern wrote “I am writing to see if you can help me. I am trying to sell a bamboo farm/nursery (large landscape size plants to 1 ton/11 meters) on the mid north coast of New South Wales in Australia. Any assistance would be appreciated. I have about 60 different species of bamboos and an extensive botanical collection of other plants. The nursery has been trading in bamboos exclusively for the last 18 years. The land is high-quality river flats with 1/2 mile of fresh water river frontage.

Food Trees Nursery
Kalang Rd,
Bellingen. 2454
NSW Australia

He Jinqiang (Tony) of Anhui HongYu Bamboo Manufacture Corp. has written to tell us about his business. They manufacture bamboo flooring and furniture and have a Web page that mostly shows the flooring. But the page is interesting and the flooring looks beautiful.

Anhui HongYu Bamboo Manufacture Corp, Bamboo Industry
Youth RD 52,Xuancheng,Anhui,China

Zhang Ying has written to say she’s created a Web site to promote local bamboo arts and crafts of her home in AnJi, China. AnJi is called the “Bamboo Homeland” by at least some people. There are some pictures of amazing carved vases on the Web site.

Mario Alfino has written and sent me photos of bamboo furniture his company manufactures. It looks quite nice, but there were no prices in the information he sent me. Please contact Mario for details and photos of what they make.

PT ASA Group
Ex BHS Building
3rd A floor
Pandanaran no 6-8
Semarang Indonesia

Agus S.” has written from Indonesia that his business sells decorative household items made from bamboo. He’s sent me pictures of small boxes, several different kinds of lamps, fans, baskets and furniture. All the items were attractive and appeared nicely made.

1. Pt. Liba Indo Perkasa
Komplek Ruko Autosave
Jl. Boulevard Timur Blok CB No. 1
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14250
Ph: 62-21-4501949,4501976,4501847
Fax: 62-21-4501981

Sushanto Mittra of Toyin Woodcrafts, India, has written to say that his company produces “laminates for furniture components, bamboo furniture and would like to expand to flooring.” His company is also interested in connecting “with importers, collaborators and investors for exclusive product range in bamboo.”

If you are interested, please contact him at:

Sushanto Mittra
Toyin Woodcrafts India Private Limited
118 Shahpur Jat
New Delhi 110 049
Fax : 91 11 649 21 11
Tel : 91 11 689 05 38

Dr. Fu Jinhe, of INBAR, has written to say that he’s found a company in China that produces bamboo fiber and yarn.

“SIP Green Natural Fibre Co. Ltd., a natural bamboo fibre manufacturer, produces yarn spun from bamboo fibre. Bamboo yarn is much cheaper than cotton yarn and the fabric made from bamboo yarn is as good as cotton fabrics. Also, their company produces bamboo fibre for cement and plastic industries as a kind of enhanced fibre of compound material.”

Regina Xu, Sales manager
SIP Green Natural Fibre Co. LTD
7 Chang Liu Cun
Suzhou 215003 China
Tel: 0086-512-7273608
Fax: 0086-512-6612004

Cal Hashimoto, bamboo sculptor, has written to say he now has a Web site to display his works.

“People are always asking me to describe my bamboo sculpture work and it always defies my range of words. Terms such as ‘contemporary, spiritual and abstract’ come to mind, but in truth, you must see my work to understand. I would suggest a tour through my Web site in order to comprehend my vision of art with bamboo.”

Cal Hashimoto
P.O. Box 1274
Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750
Web site:
Tel: (808) 326-9894

Thomas Kühnrich Furnishing and Decoration wrote to say “We are looking to purchase bamboo canes with diameters from about 30mm up to 150mm. The expected amount can not be given exactly for the moment, for we are still in negotiations with some salespeople, but the first order will not exceed US$5,000. Material from Costa Rica will be preferred, because we are already engaged there (even though in other fields).

Thomas Kühnrich Furnishing and Decoration
39128 Magdeburg
Stefan-Zweig-Weg 1
Tel: 0049/391/7223477

Paradise Bamboo of St. Louis, MO now has a web page. They distribute bamboo products including bamboo flooring, bamboo fencing, bamboo furniture, bamboo plank, bamboo wall coverings, bamboo veneer, bamboo mats, and other bamboo items for decorating your home. You can email them, or you can visit their Web site.

Michael Reilly of EcoStains wrote to say that his company sells stains that work particularly well with bamboo.

“Old Growth Wood Aging & Staining Solutions will do in minutes what nature takes years to accomplish. Old Growth emulates the process by which trees pull minerals from the ground and gradually transform them into rich wood tones.”

Henry Lu of Ruby Industrial & Enterprise Co., Ltd. would like us to know is business is custom making articles out of bamboo and rattan. He’d be pleased to provide a quotation if you provide him product specifications.

304 Pen-Kuna Roa
Niao-Sung Hsiang Kaohsiung Hsien
Tel: 886-7-3703236 FAX: 886-7-3703608

John Hamilton, Managing Director of the Original Bamboo Factory in Jamaica wrote to say “We are a small company producing high-quality, hand-crafted bamboo furniture.” Their postal address is:

Original Bamboo Factory
Caymanas Estates
Spanish Town PO
Jamaica W.I.
tel./fax (876) 7058262

Somyot Tasalee has written to tell us about his factory that uses bamboo.

“We are the company which running Industry factory about bamboo. We have 3 kinds of bamboo product,

1. Bamboo Flowers Stick, All size from 15 cm x 2.5 mm ~ 90 cm x 6 mm. *Export to Netherlands 3 containers/month

2. Bamboo Skewer, All size from 15 cm x 2.5 mm ~ 35 cm x 5 mm. Export to Greece 1 container/month. **

3. Bamboo Charcoal Briquette, by compressing and pumping** *

*Export to Netherlands 1 container/month,

**Sell to UNSCR for distribute in Refugee Camp at Thailand-Myanmar border around 200 tons/month.

*** We use waste material from chopsticks,toothpicks, other bamboo product. We own 2 big power bamboo charcoal factory, capacity 600 tons/month.”

Yan Sunping has written to say that Xiamen Brother International Trading Company, Ltd. has a collection of bamboo kitchen utensils and decorative items made of bamboo (mats, baskets, teapot handles and flooring) for sale.

Patrick Leering works for a bamboo importer in Holland who makes very nice looking furniture out of bamboo, mostly Bambusa multiplex. Please contact him if you’d like more information.

Bamboo Accents has a nice Web site showing bamboo items they have for sale. This is what they say about themselves. “Welcome to Bamboo Accents, manufacturers of quality bamboo products for the home and garden. We have developed a huge line of wonderful bamboo furniture, garden accents, structures, boats and more! The quality of our materials, designs and craftsmanship are second to none! We invite you to visit our store, or simply shop over the web.”

Mr. Vijaye Bawri has written us about his business, Cosmicraft Industries. They process bamboo into 100% wood-free, eco-friendly, particle boards and bamboo-mat boards using bamboo. Please visit them at the Cosmicraft Web site or you may contact them via the post at:

Cosmicraft Industries
Bawri Mansions
Soso Tham Road
Shillong-793001, INDIA
Tel: +91 (0)364 227917 & 224306
Fax: +91 (0)364 224180

China LinAn Bamboo Product Co. has a Web page. They manufacture bamboo products including bamboo flooring, bamboo veneer, bamboo handwork, bamboo plank, bamboo sports ware, bamboo decorative board and other kinds of high-grade compound summer sleeping bamboo mat, bamboo cushion. You can contact them at

Ned Jaquith, of The Bamboo Garden in Portland, Oregon, has a helpful Web site with very nice pictures of bamboo for his business.

Jerry Burton, of Burton’s Bamboo Garden, has a Web site. They are located between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio and specialize in hardy bamboo that can be grown in the Midwest. The site includes nice pictures of the bamboo on their 30-acre farm.

Daphne Lewis has a Web site advertising her business. “Bamboo has potential to be a significant cash crop on U.S. farms. At DogScooter find out about bamboo as a farm crop and general bamboo information. Also find dog scooter and landscape pictures, text and links.”

Quindembo Bamboo Nursery in Hawaii now has a Web site. They have their catalog on-line and some useful general information.

Shale Gordon has written to tell us about the bamboo surfboards he makes and sells. They sell bamboo surfboards, kneeboards, skimboards, full clothing line, rash guards, bamboo epoxy repair kits, deck grips, leashes, etc.

Bamboo Surfboards
Sports & Recreation
86 Centennial Circuit
Byron Bay, 2481
Tel: 011-61-2-66-856-804
Fax: 011-61-2-66-856-257

Rick has written to say “We are a manufacturer of root control barriers and sell direct to home owners, contractors & nurseries. Please contact us for more info. Thank you.” The address is:

Villa Landscape Products Inc.
700 S. Van Buren Ste B
Placentia, CA 92670

Sam Yao has written us to say “We are China’s manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of finest China bamboo products, like bamboo garments wear, bamboo flooring, bamboo handicrafts, bamboo furniture, bamboo handles and other bamboo-related products. You can visit our Web site to learn detailed information.”

Sam Yao
Mobile: 0086-013968020833

Jos van der Palen of Kimmei Bamboo Nursery in the Netherlands has written to say there is a Web site for his business. It’s an attractive Web site and there is a version in English as well as Dutch.

Bill Howes wants you to know “We are currently harvesting Bambusa multiplex “Silverstripe” for shipment to flute makers. Please contact us if interested. Thank you.”

High Touch, a European manufacturer of bamboo furniture, would like you to visit their Web site. They manufacture tables, beds, chests and custom items.

Ángel Sampedro del Río and Mariana García have, in Argentina, a workshop where they manufacture a wide range of products “From saxes to teaspoons, we make all kinds of bamboo objects, where aesthetics and function are the main criteria. On the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, our family workshop produces, in natural materials, musical instruments, bamboo saxophones, bamboo utensils and ecological stationery.”



Junji Kagata of Takehei Bamboo Corporation in Japan has a colorful Web page, the “Takehei Online Bamboo Museum” and the “Takehei Bamboo Workshop”.

Allan Mayo
Canada’s Bamboo World
Box 71025
#124 - 8115 120 Street
Delta, BC
Canada V4C 8E7
Voice: 604 596-2090
fax: 604 596-0507

Mail order/ retail / wholesale. Rare, hardy, collectable bamboo plants, several imported by us. Credit cards accepted. On-line sales at Web site.

José Antonio Prieto says he’s “working on the utilization of bamboo in a nonprofit organization in Veracruz Mexico, dedicated to the knowledge and educating the public on bamboos, with emphasis on research and preservation and propagation of endangered species. I want to know who can be interested to invest in our project or have perspectives form a join implementation.” José can also be reached by telephone in Mexico City at 55'75'09'70.
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