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The Tierra Seca Chapter was founded to include the high and low desert bio-region of the lower Colorado river watershed the middle Rio Grande watershed the western slopes of the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico as far south as Sinaloa and the eastern slopes of the Sierra Madre as far south as Durango. The chapter was founded as an educational organization promoting the growth and utilization of bamboo.

An example of the type of work we do can be found in our project in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico where we are working hand in hand with The Save The Children Foundation of Mexico (Fundacion Apoyo de Infintil or FAI as they call it in Mexico) and the Canelo Project introducing useful and edible species of bamboo into an area that is devoid of useful trees for building.

Bamboo, cultivated as a crop, can provide the impoverished campesinos of this region with marketable shoots and poles. Immediate markets for smaller poles exists staking fruit crops grown in this region supplanting poles taken from a native tree that’s becoming endangered from this practice.

Obregon Project

The Chapter is running some bamboo trials. A none-too-recent report is here.


For more general information about the chapter contact:

Matt, Holly & Ariel Finstrom, President, Librarian, Newsletter Editor
Bamboo Ranch
1901 N. Avenida Azahar
Tucson, AZ 85745
Ph/Fax (520) 743-9879

Matt Finstrom has been working with bamboo in vitro for over a year now and has produced multiple shoots from 5 species. A bio-reactor is in the works. For more information contact Matt at address given above.

Robert Pittman, Vice-president
HC 71, 3 Galaz St.
San Lorenzo, NM 88041-3859
Ph. (505) 536-3859
John Palting, Treasurer, Secretary, membership information
7339 N. Yucca Via
Tucson, AZ 85704
Ph. (520) 544-9169


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To join both the national and Tierra Seca chapter send $40, or $15 to join just Tierra Seca to

John Palting
7339 N. Yucca Via
Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 544-9169

Our newsletter comes out three times a year.

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