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The Mid-States Chapter was formed in the summer of 2003. Current members are from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, but anyone interested in bamboo in our general neighborhood is very welcome.

The Midstates Chapter is growing rapidly with 68 members since last June 2003. It covers mostly zones 4, 5 and 6 in the Midwest states and offers classes about growing and containing bamboo in cold climates.

This area of southwest Ohio is the birth place of world famous bamboo botanist, F. A. McClure, who grew up on a farm in Sidney, Ohio. His Ph.D. thesis was “Making Paper from Chinese Bamboo“ while another well known botanist, Robert Young, was from Cleveland, Ohio and both were alumni of Ohio State University.

For those interested in joining our chapter, contact Daniel Fox.


Don Marsh, Vice President
Daniel Fox, Representative to the Board of Directors
Open Position, Treasurer
Mary Satchell, Secretary
Mary Satchell, Newsletter Editor


The Mid States Chapter has changed its meeting schedule in an attempt to encourage a larger attendance. Due to the ever increasing gas prices, and since most people live hours away, it's believed that a bamboo “Gathering” will be better attended if held locally.

Members are encouraged to contact to arrange a time and location for the gathering. They'll be asked to recruit locally as well as other information related to the gathering. This should also increase the total number of memberships in ABS.

MidStates Chapter-ABS

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