Book Review of Craft and Art of Bamboo
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Craft and Art of Bamboo The Craft and Art of Bamboo
Carol Stangler
Hardcover: 160 pages
Dimensions: 0.67 x 10.26 x 8.80 inches
Publisher: Lark Books, December, 2001
ISBN: 1579901913

Anyone who is interested in bamboo will want The Craft & Art of Bamboo by Carol Stangler readily at hand! She looked North and South, East and West for her resources and inspirations. And she knew who to include, some of the greats in the field of working with bamboo - among them, Bob Gow of Yucatan Bambooo, David Flanagan of The Bamboo Fencer, and Doug Lingen and Reed Hamilton of The Bamboosmiths.

The reader may not need to be attracted to each project (with 30 in all, she offers a big range to choose from!), but there is a great deal of information to be gleaned from each one. The chapters on harvesting and tools alone are sufficiently full of information to make the very reasonable purchase price worthwhile. This would be a great gift for yourself, or for any woordworker-crafter.

--Nancy Moore Bess, Author Bamboo in Japan


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